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The video game was highly expected, mostly since it included realistic destruction to the game utilising the new Frostbite Engine. A sequel, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 , was released in Battlefield: Bad Company occur in the near future and concentrates all over First Russo-American War between the United States and Russia primarily within the imaginary country of Serdaristan , positioned in Eastern Europe across the border of Russia and usage of the Caspian Sea.

That is where Bad Company discovers their particular true aspiration of collecting silver and selling it in an attempt to become wealthy.

The player follows the story of Preston Marlowe , a recently transferred member of the US Army into the “B” organization of the nd Army Battalion , understood by many as “Bad Company” as a result of it being a conglomerate of “all of the insubordinates, hell-raisers and troublemakers that won’t fit in any kind of product”.

The video game starts as Marlowe is brought from a helicopter towards the front side lines. Preston satisfies his brand new squad-mates and quickly learns from Redford that Bad Company is much less formal than other army units. An artillery barrage wipes out of the convoy, combined with the squad’s truck. This is when the ball player learns to look, leap, crouch, shoot, fire grenades, and fix vehicles. Mike-One-Juliet , the dispatch officer, directs Bravo-One Charlie Preston’s squad , to get rid of an artillery battery utilized by the Russians and soon after to make use of all of them to shell the inbound vehicles attacking Juneau convoy.

The squad is then sent to clear a Russian-occupied river crossing as soon as the Russians ruin the bridge. Bravo-One will be sent to clear a Russian-occupied farm before becoming removed, but once their particular helicopter is shot down by anti-aircraft fire, they truly are then delivered to destroy the anti-air emplacements and raid another Russian-occupied farm in Juneau Convoy’s path.

As soon as the squad joins Juneau convoy, it’s assaulted by another artillery barrage. They hardly are able to escape, and are sent to destroy radar jammers to allow an airstrike destroy the artillery. After the airstrike finishes, Bravo-One clears out any survivors and encounter the Legionnaire Mercenaries , a mercenary group said to be the best military company on the planet. Haggard finds a gold bar in the suit of a-dead Legionnaire mercenary, starting their attention when you look at the Legionnaire ‘s silver.

About what had been said to be Redford’s final goal before pension, the squad is delivered to undertake much more Russian territory if they discover a residence because of the Legionnaires’ insignia on an indication in front, Acta Non Verba – Latin for “Action, Not Words”. Haggard delivers Marlowe inside to see the house.

Truth be told there, Marlowe locates the very first instance of silver. The squad had been administered purchases to destroy gas and missile storage facilities and also to then encounter an US Armored Division and escort all of them into the Russian-held town of Zabograd. Bravo-One Charlie is sent ahead to clear the pass of anti-tank missile launchers and to escort the tanks to the other side of the town in which the primary assault is always to occur.

The squad will be delivered to destroy a Russian radio outpost before they necessitate reinforcements, however they are too late given that telephone call is made and more Russian forces arrive. Just then, a rocket is heard striking a US container nearby, to which Mike-One-Juliet directs the squad to defend it from the adversary reinforcements until more US forces arrive. Mike-One-Juliet then delivers them to a harbor packed with suspicious activity and states that when they are doing good task, she might get them out the business plus in to a better device.

They arrive at the harbor, but realize that it is filled with mercenaries. The squad, led by Haggard and also the looked at gold, fight their method through, but after examining the bodies, discover absolutely nothing. They then spot some trucks watching them drive away. Because they go, a bar of gold drops from the as well as they become determined to follow along with them and access the gold.

Soon after arriving from the edge of Serdaristan, Bravo-One Charlie finds the trucks crossing the edge and grasp they can’t abide by it anymore as Serdaristan is simple when you look at the war. Overcome with greed, Haggard runs over the edge, “single-handedly invading a neutral country”. Whenever asked why these were in Serdaristan, Redford Tells Mike-One-Juliet that it was their concept to get rid of a potential risk.

Redford’s trip of responsibility is consequentially increased by another year. They initially ruin three radio transmission towers to pay for their songs. Redford then understands that the gold is within another harbor. Once they fight their particular way through, these are typically almost to enter the Legionnaire’s cargo ship as soon as the US Army turns up and captures them.

The army directs Bravo-One Charlie on a top-secret objective going into Serdaristan and capture the President, who they believe is attempting to sell arms towards the Russians.

Nevertheless, the squad realizes that Serdaristan is not any longer neutral if they witness their chopper being shot down by Serdaristani anti-air emplacements. Mike-One-Juliet delivers them to destroy the emplacements to ensure that another chopper is flown in to extract them with the President once they capture him.

Afterwards, Miss July views a lot of task during the Presidential Palace, so she sends Bravo-One a laser designator and directs all of them to an adversary weapons cache. They make their method through the President’s individual course and head towards the Presidential Palace. After they arrive, they realize that the causes are crawling with Legionnaires. They fight their way directly into obtain the President but when Redford requires an evac chopper, Mike-One-Juliet informs all of them that she cannot because the Army ditched all of them and that they had been by themselves.

President Serdar then informs them he has your own Mi Hind which they could use to flee from Serdaristan. The squad then takes the President’s helicopter and use it to destroy Serdaristan’s armed forces infrastructure. Their helicopter soon operates out of gas and so they arrive at a refueling station. As there is no way to obtain gasoline nearby the helicopter, Marlowe and Haggard tend to be forced to drive an M truck holding gasoline towards the Hind. Haggard then inadvertently pours the gas into the cooling unit, making Sweetwater need certainly to fix it because of Haggard’s incompetence.

They wait Serdaristan Army reinforcements so when several BMD-3 ‘s beginning moving towards all of them, Sweetwater fixes the fuel issue in addition they escape.

The President than requires Bravo-One to carry him to Russia for their exile so that as he notifies them about where in actuality the silver is, nevertheless the Legionnaire seems in the private Ka and shoots down the pimped-out Hind.

Marlowe wakes up after the crash, only to get a hold of their squad-mates together with President missing. He attempts calling MikeJuliet, to which she guides him a number of areas where she believes the squad is based. In one of the areas, there clearly was a video clip screen for the Legionnaire interrogating President Serdar and later shooting the camera after he discovers that it was recording. Marlowe makes their means through a sizable Russian Army power to get at the monastery situated on top of a mountain, where he discovers their squad would not absolutely need much preserving because they had simply escaped captivity.

Collectively, all of them mind back the hill, evading Russian reinforcements because they head towards the water where they may discover a boat to flee with. The squad manages to quit the execution and, because of the President, simply take a boat to Sadiz , across the Caspian Sea. The President gets their exile from his country on a small island near Sadiz whilst the squad goes after the silver.

After fighting most Middle Eastern Coalition troops and tanks, Bravo-One Charlie overhears that the US army is pressing onward toward the slot of Sadiz, in which the silver is found from the Legionnaire’s tanker. The squad then destroys two bridges to stop the Army from getting there initially. Once they get to the port, they get the stash of gold in a warehouse. As they were staring in awe in the piles of silver, the Legionnaire shows up and assaults the squad in the helicopter.

They race to the end of a pier where Sweetwater believes and anti-aircraft gun is situated. Marlowe locates a M2 Carl Gustav helipad above in accordance with several well-placed shots, destroys the Ka They go back to the warehouse to get the United States Army packaging up all of the gold when you look at the warehouse directly into vehicles.

Just whenever squad is all about to go out of in frustration, an US Army Officer sees all of them and gives all of them purchases to push one of the trucks high in “scrap metal” with the convoy. They proceed with the convoy for some time until they switch off to a side roadway and speed away, each discussing how they will spend their share of silver.

The final scene reveals the Legionnaire leaving his chopper’s wreckage with a look of vengeance in his eyes. Battlefield: Bad Company ‘s multiplayer supports up to 24 people. The game nonetheless targets large scale vehicle warfare with a variety of maps, weapons, and automobiles. Due to the new Frostbite motor, Destruction plays an important role into on the web combat as all maps are almost entirely destructible and drastically change over the course of a match.

The overall game features 25 ranks , each supplying people with unlock points for each and every other rank they achieve which could then be spent on weapons or gadgets in the main selection to unlock them. The video game features three kinds of awards: Trophies , Patches , and Wildcards. Each is acquired through the completion of specific jobs and prize additional knowledge points. While Patches and Wildcards may only be received once, Trophies can be had an unlimited wide range of times.

Battlefield: Bad Company features five different courses, each having their own unique tools, devices, and reasons. Many of the maps in Battlefield: Bad Company are large to allow for the countless vehicles applied to all of them. Utilizing the added ability of destructible surroundings, every building, tree, wall surface, etc. Battlefield: Bad company features a total of twelve maps. The overall game features many different tools and gadgets, the majority of that are gotten through ranking development.

The video game features a range of vehicles, including land, sea, and air. Nonetheless, fighter jets, which may have appeared in Battlefield 2 have already been omitted from Battlefield: Bad Company , because of the decrease in player size to 24 people plus the resultant decreased map dimensions from the numerous 64 player-sized maps showcased in Battlefield , Battlefield Vietnam , and Battlefield 2.

On Summer 5, the demo for Battlefield: Bad Company was released and featured the Oasis map, as well as a part associated with ” Thank you for visiting Bad Company ” single-player goal. The online percentage of the demo featured four unlockable ranks, with position five becoming displayed for more than a million points as bull crap. People whom reached position 4 by the end of the demo were awarded utilizing the UZI for use within the retail form of the game.

Those that had been lucky to pre-order Battlefield: Bad Company were granted very early access to the demo may Nearly all associated with bugs within the beta version was in fact fixed by the period of the demo’s release. DICE , but, did not predict the rise in popularity of the demonstration, leading to the ranking system to power down which forced more servers become set up to pay for the quantity of people.

A finite edition of the online game, known as the Gold Edition , a mention of the the theme associated with game, was launched alongside the standard retail version. It are priced at somewhat significantly more than the retail version and functions a gold printed cardboard piece to slide in addition to the video game case for the PlayStation 3 version, or a gold tin instance for the Xbox variation, along with a unique Battlefield: Bad Company poster both for variations. The video game itself featured some built-in method videos for the original gold-rush maps, in addition to a “Behind the moments” video clip, and it automatically unlocked the weapons people would typically unlock once reaching Rank discover All Five had been a promotional energy to permit people to unlock certain tools for the overall game that have been, during the time of the ultimate All Five occasion being released, unobtainable through playing the standard online game.

The gun needs tend to be:. The mode was not offered at the video game’s release through the retail launch version of the game. It had been introduced as downloadable content on four maps free-of-charge on August 7, the next set of maps had been circulated on October 30, after the outcomes of a poll on the game’s website asked which maps would like to be seen aided by the gamemode.

Reviews for Battlefield: Bad Company were positive, with the deformable environments, big maps, high-quality sound, humorous characters when you look at the solitary player mode, and diverse array of cars earning it compliments from experts.

Battlefield: Bad Company received on average 83 on Metacritic [3] for the Xbox version and an 84 [4] in the PlayStation 3 variation:. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register don’t possess a free account?


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Stats Verse can look up player stats in all the current Battlefield games, plus Medal of Honor. To find a new player, pick a game title: Bad Company 2. Bad Company. Battlefield Battlefield Heroes. Battlefield Battlefield 2. Medal of Honor. Get immediate access to your BFBC2 stats, honors, achievements, dogtags, unlocks, record, forum sigs, and much more. Track your development towards ranks, unlocks, and prizes. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Stats . Battlefield: Bad Company Weapons Information given below was taken from the beta version of the video game and could improvement in the last product. Battlefield Stats Viewer v by phreazer. 8) Battlefield Cleaner Battlefield Cleaner by Sensa. 9) Battlefield Stats Vi.. Battlefield Stats Viewer v

Once upon a time all web leaderboards said was what number of frags, just how many fatalities and where they place you with regards to one other. Bad Company 2 is not any various. Nonetheless, the presentation of one’s personal statistics is affected with similar flaws into the in-game graphical user interface, spreading the information and knowledge out over a few tabs.

As a result, it may be beneficial looking into other online choices. Stats Verse is amongst the leading purveyors of web statistics for multiplayer shooters, and pool information for Battlefield games going back to Battlefield 2, and also the free-to-play internet browser version, Battlefield Heroes.

The Battlefield Bad Company Stats internet site provides the same solution, and also lets you develop player bookmarks to test friends and family’ present data with ease. Stats Verse also offers a site that may develop an updating graphic forum signature, useful for displaying your video gaming prowess on some of the numerous dedicated Bad Company 2 forums. Beware however, there will be some body whose stats dwarf even yours! BC2 is regarded as those shooters whose minutiae can prove constantly interesting, and finding the most enjoyable way to wade through the mass of Battlefield Bad Company 2 stats that the game gathers even though you perform will help enhance not merely your pleasure of your triumphs, but additionally supply an insight into your Bad Company 2 skills along with weaknesses.

Take a good look at this assortment of articles to help you through achievements, trophies and accumulating your stats. Webpage content. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats: A Wealth of data as soon as upon a period all web leaderboards told you had been how many frags, what amount of fatalities and where they place you in relation to the other players on your server.