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The game introduces us to a Witch MC that has been bullied at school on her behalf appearance. 1 day she comes across a mysterious store — the sweetness Rental Shop.

While working indeed there, the MC also falls in love with one of four handsome guys. Toby —— Soren —— Lucian —— Kylar. Just as the previousroutes, there are 2 date photos, and 1 special time photo to get.

Like Liked by 1 individual. Hi indeed there, my original plan utilizing the online game was to get all of the photos and publish it to instagram. Nevertheless, We have published some pictures to my instagram account that will be linked into the post. Like Like. Typical ending you only need to answer questions properly no images and no clothes.

Hi truth be told there, did you buy all the clothes? You will get the ending 2 regardless if you purchase the clothes, you merely really need to get all of the dates, avoid having the right answers and use the school uniform.

Hi, could you offer me personally a bit more detail so I will allow you to? And it takes forever? Me once you understand you, is striking you? Just provide back how will you be so mean…? Share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Like this: Like running How can i have the ending 2?? Awesome thanks!!! We nonetheless didnt get the story..

The sad ending lol Like loved by 1 person. Write a Comment Email Forced Name Required Site.


Beauty leasing shop lucian.Beauty Rental store ~ Kylar Xander Walkthrough – Two Pleased Cats

Nov 17,  · Beauty leasing store ~ Lucian Vasilis Walkthrough A unique otome game called ‘Beauty Rental Shop’ has been circulated by Day7. The video game presents us to a Witch MC who has been bullied at school for her appearance. 1 day she results in a mysterious shop – the wonder leasing ted Reading Time: 2 minutes. Apr 03,  · I found a shop by fate, ‘Beauty Rental Shop’ Variety of components tend to be combined to create an Elixir, Stars of this Milky Method and even Barbie Doll’s Spirit, By consuming this Elixir, I am able to constantly change to the appearance that I want. ★Plus, The 4 Men and Their particular Secrets Behind Them! 8/10(5). Nov 08,  · Beauty Rental Shop ~ Lucian Vasilis Walkthrough. A brand new otome online game called ‘Beauty Rental Shop’ was circulated by Day7. The video game presents us to a Witch MC that has been bullied in school on her behalf appearance. One day she comes across a mysterious shop – the wonder Rental Shop. The master agrees to let her ted Reading Time: 1 min.

Beauty leasing Shop could be the most recent online game by Day7. Day7 has released lots of enjoyable and interesting otome games. Beauty Rental Shop uses a MC that is a witch and begins to utilize potions to improve her appearance and start to become gorgeous.

The game is divided in to three components — tapping game, dress up and artistic novel. Toby —— Soren —— Lucian —— Kylar. Under is my guide when it comes to visual novel element. Answer points are 1, 5 and 10, with 10 for the right answer. You can find 2 date pictures, and 1 special day image to gather.

For regular dates if you prefer the picture you need to pay the pet for the elixir! Soooo are these the right responses? Or are answers wrong while there is a 1 next to it??

Like Liked by 1 person. Hiya, as stated in my own post responses get points at either 1, 5 or The answers with a 10 will be the most readily useful answers, answers at 5 are okay answers and responses at 1 are the worst answers. I will be composing which responses I choose as I undergo as well as the matching points, I hope as soon as We complete the course, I’m able to undergo it yet again and complete the walkthrough with all 10 point responses.

Like Like. Any guidance? We appear to be having the exact same issue whilst the individual before me. Hiya sorry for the late response! Toby —— Soren —— Lucian —— Kylar Below is my guide when it comes to visual novel component. Wow…is that basically possible? What exactly is it today? We j, just wished to have noodles too! Share this: Twitter Facebook Pinterest. Such as this: Like running For me it doesnt work! Thank you for the info!! How can I unlock ending 2 whenever I have previously purchased all sweet outfits? Write a Comment Email Forced Name Involved Web Site.