Dumb and dumber soundboards.


Dumb and dumber soundboards.


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Elderly people, although slow, and dangerous behind the wheel can certainly still provide a purpose. Today don’t you get dying on me personally! We got no tasks. I’m dealing with only a little place called Aspen. Harry: I’m not sure Lloyd, the French are assholes.

Harry: “Skis huh? Harry: “My parakeet Peetie, he is lifeless. Harry: “You marketed my dead bird to a blind kid! Lloyd, Peetie didn’t have a head. Lloyd: ” Reading a framed headline not a way! That’s great We’ve Landed From The Moon!

Harry: “One time we effectively mated a bulldog with a bleep zu New Jesey? Well then, great time partner! Let’s put another shrimp from the barby! Lloyd: perchance you should wear these extra gloves, my arms tend to be just starting to get sweaty.

Harry: additional gloves? You’ve had this couple of extra gloves this entire time? Lloyd: Yeah, we are in the Rockies. Lloyd: i would ike to consume her liver with some farver beans and an excellent container of Chianti. Harry: That’s a particular sensation Lloyd.

Mary: “So, you are going to pick-me-up tonight at ? What about one-fourth to eight. Lloyd: “Uh, what’s the soup du jour? We’ll have that. Ca, gorgeous. Tractor ray. Sucked me right in. I don’t know just how, but We’m gonna get ya! Where I’d do just about anything to bone her. Suckin’ back on Grandpa’s old cough medicine? No, indeed, no, well, no, it, uhh, crossed my mind, yea.

They constantly panic whenever you leave the scene of a major accident. You know.. Lloyd: “I desperately desire to make love to a school boy. Harry: “chances are they slaped this bullet proof vest on myself and gave me a gun. You understand I don’t think we’ve enough gas money. They may be beautiful. I am a limo driver! She gave me a lot of crap about me perhaps not hearing her enough or something like that. I’m not sure I wasn’t truly focusing. You are one ridiculous loser!

Exactly what occurred? We’ll look it up. Starts with an S. It really is here, Sampsonite! We had been way off! We understood it started with an S though! Seniors, although sluggish and dangerous when driving, can still offer a purpose. They yours? Lloyd: “They constantly freak out when you leave the scene of a major accident, you understand? Harry: “Yeah, we called her up. She provided me with a lot of crap about not playing her enough or somethin.

I’m not sure, We was not paying attention. Lloyd: “We’ve got no food. Harry: “we anticipated the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this.

That John Denver is full of bleep! Lloyd: “First time we put eyes on Mary Swanson, i acquired that romantic, old-fashioned experience where I’d do anything to bone her. Lloyd Jim Carrey : “That’s an attractive accent you have there New Jersey?

Well Why don’t we place another shrimp from the barbie. Lloyd: “Why you visiting the airport Flying someplace? Then when I noticed the airline ticket I place two as well as 2 together. Lloyd: “therefore, where will you be headed? Flight Director: “Sir, you can’t go in there. Harry Jeff Daniels : “So, you have fired again huh? Lloyd: “Man you’re one ridiculous loser.

Lloyd: “Hey! Senior Citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still provide a purpose. Lloyd: “we got robbed by a sweet old woman on a motorized cart And I don’t even view it coming.

Flyin’ someplace? Lloyd: “Feels great to socialize by using these layed back country people don’t it Harry? Sea bass Cam Neely : “You gonna eat that? It crossed my brain. Lloyd: “Wait a sec I think i recently Yeah, i recently had an idea. Harry: “which was geinius Lloyd Where do you produce a scam like this? So just what happened so that the guy tricked some sucker into picking right on up his tab and gets away with it scott no-cost.

It was an excellent one huh huh. Harry: “No sir, I W-w-w-w-w-wouldn’t Don’t dri Harry: “We had the absolute most increadibly romantic time collectively. I thought we were gonna be collectively forever. And then Harry: “According to the map we have only gone about four inches.

You understand, I do not believe we have sufficient gas money. Lloyd: “just how much you wanna wager? You realize that. I don’t gamble. We’ll bet you 20 dollars that i will get you betting before the end of the afternoon. I’m not sure how but i am gonna get ya.


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Dumb and Dumber Soundboard. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels do their absolute best to be stupid and dumber – even though big question films 25 Tracks Views. Dumb And Dumberer films. Sequel to ” Dumb & Dumberer”. This tale uses Harry & Lloyd if they initially met in senior school. Quick version of “Dumb and Dumber ” motif track. Dumb and Dumber Quote. Dumb and Dumber Audio Clips. Dumb and Dumber WAVs. Dumb and Dumber Sound Bites. (K) Lloyd: Hey, i suppose they’re appropriate. Elderly people, although slow, and dangerous driving can certainly still offer an intention. Now right get dying on me! Dumb and Dumber price at: amazon All wavs about this web page had been sampled at (8 bit mono 11Khz) and all mp3s on this web page had been sampled at (80kbs 44Khz). def_ (40K) def_3 (40K) def_stupid.m4r (iPhone ringtone).

Flying someplace? Aspen Fired again? Loser Don’t get dying on me personally i acquired robbed Playing tag I like it a Four inches John Denver Many annoying noise in the world Just go guy! I was way down! We landed from the moon! Glance at the butt on that certain I was not focusing Schoolboy. Check in with Facebook. Account is no-cost, safe and simple. You will need a merchant account to build your soundboard or purchase noise paths.!

Just fill out the account information below. All unverified records tend to be erased within 72 hours. Cart 0. My Account. Home Movies Dumb and Dumber. Dumb and Dumber. Fired again? Do not get dying on me. I obtained robbed. Playing label. I love it a What’s the soup du jour?

Four inches. John Denver. Many annoying sound in the world. Just get man! Go through the butt on this 1. I wasn’t paying attention. Share Dumb and Dumber:. Related Boards: Dumb and Dumber Soundboard. Dumb And Dumberer films.

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