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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.In your viewpoint: most “fun” class fight wise? – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


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You ought to upgrade or make use of an alternative web browser. Character Develop. RPGamer New Member. It is my “Berserker” build You feed off the bloodstream of the enemies, becoming more and more dangerous with each passing minute in a fight wellness administration. With the Fury ability, you do more harm when you are reasonable on health, that is great, however if you intend to keep that damage continuously It is hard to find a balance between having adequate wellness to you know, stay alive, but keepin constantly your health reduced adequate to keep the damage boost Note: i suggest using Hirge as a companion for this create.

Up to now seems so good. My estimation: 1. For a 2h warrior, 2 hand expert is not optional but important, that increase your DPS most! Biggest problem for a 2h warrior should indeed be the armor, you should use best you may get and do not underestimate the elemental opposition, you really need to get several sets depending on the dungeon you wish to overcome. Most crucial is a legion set, at least in midgame sunken citadel and ark will provide you with better armor, but till you reach that, the legion ready is really good.

Basic skills: get at the very least cleave lvl1, better more. It’s very helpful for crowds of people, you deal additional harm for free passive ability. Precision strikes and huge criticals tend to be 2 abilities, which can be truly helpful, it’s not necessary to max all of them, but at the least lvl1 or 2 is actually helpful. Think about flurry, it might improve your DPS by increasing the rate, also a beneficial combo with Duell, accuracy hits and massive criticals.

But that’s recommended. Also infantry training could be helpful for you, stun or paralyze is the worst enemy. I decided to dual wield with a one passed tool and an off hand tool, to ensure i possibly could sacrifice two handed expert in order to get a few of the advanced level skills a bit previously and that’s why We listed two passed expert as an optional skill 2 I do not take care of the legion armor.

It really isn’t really worth the cost to buy it, and this build features much health that I’m able to utilize basically any armor I want also it doesn’t truly alter my survivability a lot 3, 4, 5 those abilities tend to be great to have, but when I stated when you look at the original post, this build is made around becoming achievable at about degree Chefbobby participant.

Absolutely nothing claims berserker like moving extremely and hitting all enemies in range in addition to the best thing the warrior has actually over the rogue is aoe harm imo.

Chefbobby”:3nmezcz9 said:. Mouse click to expand Tactically whirlwind is an awesome ability. Hits numerous enemies in range and also provides a stun chance if perked. Irrespective of playing 2 handed, dual wield or blade and board, I can’t imagine playing a warrior rather than using whirlwind. I’ll decide to try whirlwind if I find time, and I’m also considering the cost ability as it also, can strike multiple opponents Flavia participant. Reon Fellow Member. Hello to everyone,we’m Reon and I also’m not used to the discussion board!

I wish to give out my 2h warrior and ask for some suggestions to boost my character,and my first real question is:should I level up my END or AGI? I have thinked of AGI cuz it add armor point And also,in your opinion,what will be the best bands for the warrior in game?

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Exiled kingdoms most readily useful class.Classes – Exiled Kingdoms Wiki

Nov 10,  · Depends on your own class and idea! For instance a str based melee rogue could find the warriors guild your best option. Like a agi based archer warrior may select the rogues guild. Feb 07,  · Class: Warrior amount: 15 needed Traits: Strength-4 Endurance-4 Personality-3 techniques: Fury, Two Handed Professional (optional) Advanced abilities: Heavyhand, Battle Rage Pick Two: Duel, Bloodlust, Precision Strikes, large Criticals. Mar 01,  · Mage is mainly character that remains behind actual battle. You have actually ranged tools, unpleasant spells to throw (in feeling, you cast it a long way away from you), and you also may have companions for beef shield, or cast summon spell. Playing it this way you are going to stay a lot longer with mage. Clerics are class that fares top in EK.

The Wiki is certainly not however updated to your most recent game release v1. This method can take several weeks plus some content is likely to be outdated or incomplete until the modification is finished. It is an isometric online game, prompted by some of the best role-playing games through the previous years; it brings right back the old character regarding the classics in several ways: a challenging environment, alternatives with consequences, and a great game system, with various routes to develop your personality.

Explore the world: no one will aim you to definitely the best-hidden secrets. Speak with hundreds of different figures, each with unique dialogues, and resolve scores of quests. Personalize your character with dozens of abilities and a huge selection of various products. Overcome all variety of beasts and antagonists, selecting carefully the weapons or powers for each encounter. And return to the classical dungeon crawl, with traps and key doors, and demise waiting for the unwary adventurer behind every part.

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