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Oct 11,  · The link opens to a web page, but the download link is not responding at all. Not working it any browser as well as in JDownloader2. We hate to inquire about, but could you mirror? In most cases, the ones which squawk the loudest about some thing no longer working or demanding fixes are those which never provide to help while having never contributed a cup of. Jul 11,  · no longer working. some links Download does not work via web browser. 2. through Chrome, I have that virus warning on grab effort whilst in Firefox, it just redirects me to the basis of this folder. GreeZ pspzockerscene _____ JD Supporter, Plugin Dev. & Community Management Erste. Jan 31,  · July 2, at pm is a file web hosting web site. When using the person filter, the main web site is certainly not obstructed, but it’s maybe not feasible to install something. It might be because is obstructed.

Have actually a concern about this project? Subscribe to a totally free GitHub account to open a problem and contact its maintainers together with neighborhood. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. At this stage the app crashes. It used to function fine prior to, but now crashes on both psv and psv without the modifications on the products no new plug-ins or changes. Uninstalling vhbb and cleaning all its folders,, then reinstalling didn’t help. Other homebrews nonetheless work without issues. The writing was updated successfully, however these mistakes were encountered:.

It managed such sites fine following this commit 43 more than last year. I really do have the itls plug-in installed and allowed, have the iTLS-Enso software, installed the certs.

Still crashes. I am also experiencing this problem, We first noticed it after updating. I’ve deleted vhbb’s folder on ux0:data, and I also’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled and after reading through this thread I’ve made sure I had the tls pach, then removed it and re-applied it once more to ensure I experienced the latest data.

I’m nonetheless crashing when I install anything through vhbb. I got the browser plugin and I’m able to search github and grab files thus I feel particular I’ve got tls working good. I’m having the same issue on 3. Older versions do the exact same. We connected my logs. I can confirm this bug and nothing within the logging is suspicious. I’ll need certainly to research this issue in the future, We’m busy at this time.

If anybody really wants to make use of vita-parse-core in order to analyze the coredump, be my guest. You will have to compile VHBB in debug mode first and work out it crash again or even the result won’t be helpful.

Obtaining the same problems. I happened to be able to get one item downloaded and installed and from now on its simply failing regardless of what We take to. Same thing today takes place in my experience. Can confirm that this happens with FW 3. I saw lots of people let down with this specific homebrew, there’s absolutely no option this error as well as the creator doesn’t help us, and so I really already left my place with this, together with exact same opinion of numerous folks in gbatemp, forget this homebrew, is certainly not great!

Download through the browser plus don’t break your head with crap! This sort of self entitled behavior is what pushes open-source developers away. Besides, davee will take a look. Therefore do this and then leave folks who are happy to share their leisure time alone. Most people tend to be grateful for all those useful resources. I must say I think the thing is in Enso version 3. All problems reported are mostly in this launch, I am also waiting around for a remedy! Im just starting to think that is about storage accessibility.

After lots of tinkering i acquired it working! It’s not pretty but downloading works today! I shall decide to try clean it a bit and do a pull demand. Hope this works well with everyone else. The link opens to a ge. No longer working it any web browser and even in JDownloader I hate to inquire of, but could you reflect? Sorry about that. Thank you with this pauleck! It does look to be working together with this version, and also is apparently faster and much more receptive than earlier versions.

Primarily simply curious. I will gladly compromise appearance for functionality. Perhaps after completing the introduction of my online game i really believe it might you should be an incident of the need to upgrade backlinks for those games. It is not at all a big deal to download and install pc software manually, but I becamen’t sure whether you had been aware of a problem with these two titles thus I thought I would point out it.

My apologies in advance. I’m a super noob to any or all this. I simply received a modded Vita and I need help getting rid of the old non-working form of the VHBB and put in the recently fixed variation, utilising the link provided in this thread. Any suggestions? I am not sure if it’s a result of the crash, nonetheless it appears as if it kicks the Wi-Fi system when it happens. We wonder if it features something to do with the crash itself. I’m using 3. On a side note, the storage place does not appear to matter as stated in a comment above.

I tried with all the SD2Vita together with internal storage on the , plus it crashes all the same. I did not decide to try with my 8 GB Vita Card, mainly because it is just useful for data recovery reasons. Additionally, thank you when it comes to other version. I saw this system on a YouTube video clip and was wanting to give it a try. Many thanks! Worked good for me personally upd: but application icons aren’t exhibited, the others from it works good.

I’m not able to download the VPK even after pressing many times in the grab switch. Could someone please offer an unusual install link? Many thanks a great deal for publishing this brand-new version of homebrew web browser. Very first time hacked my vita on the weekend.

I’m a noob therefore the vhbb had not been working until I changed it with this particular. It appears to exert effort now though the icons are all missing. I’m sure it really is however a-work beginning but We appreciate everything everybody’s doing to produce everything work. Thanks a lot a whole lot! Oh yeah thanks you really much man it is work completely and I’ve another issue with vitadb I a mistake when I try to introduce the site error ssl with itls Enzo 3.

It really is worked before regrettably no longer working for me. Thanks to devnoname for the initial vpk and thanks to pauleck for the updated variation which allows downloading once again. Reading a number of the articles here just reinforces the reason why In addition ended being associated with opensource generally speaking awhile right back. The entitlement a lot of users espouse is really unbelievable. Generally speaking, the people who squawk the loudest about something no longer working or demanding fixes are those just who never offer to help and also have never donated a cup of coffee to the dev.

I’ve seen some exemplary devs through the years just disappear due to the squawkers and it appears that the entitlement just gets far worse as time goes on.

Thanks for all the effort devnoname and pauleck. Hello great work had been pulling my hair out in the error thought it had been just my setup appears like several have the same issue.

Any chance of working icons and photos for the newer launch that really works? Thanks devnoname and pauleck , today it’s working. I have implemented a solution that involves dynamically loading and unloading ListItemView s while you scroll through the list.

It could be improved by showing a placeholder rather than absolutely nothing while an inventory item isn’t filled yet but I couldn’t have the ability to scroll quickly adequate to encounter this. I think the fix is “good enough” for now. I also have to debug the search purpose that broke a little.

I’m sure I’m going to get flagged as troublesome content as well, but i simply need certainly to point this out to the individual above me personally:. And even though he himself admits that he’s struggling to sort the situation away, and has supplied other individuals to help?

The beautiful benefit of open-source, is that you’re absolve to submit recommendations and repairs for dilemmas you are having.

And just by the absolute amount of your post, you plainly have significantly more than the full time on your fingers to at least make something that a lot of people like, work again.

If you should be going to place the effort to pressing insults into the original dev’s face, then at the least back it with work from your component. Otherwise, armchair administrating a residential district project doesn’t cause you to look excellent. Skip to content. New concern. Jump to bottom. Labels crash.