Giani thakur singh ji.


Giani thakur singh ji.


ਗਿਆਨੀ ਠਾਕੁਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਜੀ (ਪਟਿਆਲਾ ਵਾਲੇ).Giani Thakur Singh Ji | Contact Us


By Kaju , August 14, generally speaking Discussion. Just what you think about this guy? Simply because he had been with Sant Jarnail Singh Bindranwale for some time doesn’t mean that he’s something “out of the world.

He’s held it’s place in too many scandals to be reliable. To call one, he also kissed an other woman just who he looked at as their “daughter. Soulfinder 18 posts. August 15, Irrespective of his individual life, he has got brought forward numerous experiences of Naam abhiyasiye Singhs for the main benefit of the sangat.

Bhul chuk maaf. November 13, August 21, Gurmukh Gyanis are not assume to fulfill with ladies alone. They should satisfy them in Sangat. In the event that meeting has to be a closed-door one, then the lady must certanly be associated with her husband, bro, son, e. Listening to gyani thakur singh’s katha has aided myself lots into doing the banis paaths which Waheguru blessed me with from not even doing the full Jap Ji Sahib to what i are doing nowdays paaths nitnem wise.

It absolutely was gyani jis katha that has been a principal supply of my insipration of many banis and other things. I do not think we should ignore exactly what he has got done in his personal life. I am maybe not saying that bringing forth tales of karamaats tend to be a bad thing.

These are typically great and inspire people to live according to the guru’s means. But purposefully discussing such stories during all the kathas suggests he wants their tijori’s complete with sangats cash. I also never consider their avastha becoming very high. I’ve seen exactly how he utilizes scare tactics to his advantage talking about exactly how one individual ended up being talking against him now he had lost their tongue.

I do not look at this is great at all and I equate it because of the techniques employed by modern day pakhandi babey. If some body found Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and wanted to be an integral part of the battle, very first Jarnail Singh Ji would let them know to recite all the baanis because he knew, that has been the area where people would obtain the power to battle agianst the injustice and would not worry to quit their lives since they have a high avastha.

If Jarnail Subheg Singh had actually gotten “aatmic” shaheedi in his lap, then thakur singh’s avastha would be quite high. Why did he come-out together with hands up and not decide to fight for the panth till his last breathing, it really is evident that he practiced worry and decided to save himself and then make a lot of money using miracle stories and just how this and therefore happened and also bank on Sant Jarnail Singh Ji’s name.

All those tales tend to be to loot the Sangat and nothing else. But we encourage everyone else to stay cautious and read in between the outlines. You should have proper judgement as to what is right and what exactly is incorrect. I’ve battled with despair and anxiety listening to their bachans.

See, my take is try not to offer room to a person so much that he would make use of the situation. For the reason that lady’s situation the reason why did her husband and she perhaps not make the stand that she will maybe not go alone.

When the woman ended up being known as to his room alone , to begin with there is need not get. The moment she heard just what he said , she should have held it’s place in a shock but alternatively of confronting after quite a while wherein facts have altered action needs taken then and truth be told there. Energy corrupts, no person is above. Perhaps the puraatan Rishis have forfeit control when you yourself have encounter the tales.

Kamm is more effective than other things. A person can reject cash but denying a woman is hard. Therefore, just take whats beneficial to you and keep the rest. If you have the energy to take action your self then its a new thing. Are you experiencing evidence with regards to the kissing scandal which can show his guilt, beyond reasonable doubt? There was a Mahapurakh, just who once stated he was not frightened of large numbers of Jarr Maya wealth , but he was frightened of Chetan Maya women. Therefore, tend to be we going to blame this in the woman?

When she was known as to their area alone, it reveals thakur singh’s intent. He could be perhaps not the “Mahapurash” that people are making him, and that’s where he’s exploiting his position.

Exactly why are we wanting to place sheets over this men actions. As we have experienced, when somebody features put his on the job a lady’s honour, he’s punished and served the key sentence. In recent times in Hollywood, there have been many women that have arrived on sexual allegations together with individuals who they have pointed to possess been erased through the industry.

The reason is because a lady’s honour has got to be shielded and when she is coming out and saying something about some body, this means that she’s also risking her own honour when they prove her guilty. I do not physically think that a female would lie about a matter similar to this and would get dust on herself. So, why are you trusting the woman a great deal? Are you sure that she’s not lying?

Can you personally know her? Could you attest to her stability? Have you any idea about her personality? A person can’t be called a mahapurakh no matter how large their avastha is basically because we do not know whether or not they have control over their evils or not.

I’ve seen why these “mahapurakhs” dont care after all what Gurbani says as they are essentially telling their particular supporters to accomplish exactly what unique opinion is. Bhai randhir singh was basically informing people to not eat meat in which he also penned a book against meat-eating when Guru Nanak Dev Ji currently offered his bachan on meat eating. He had been also trying to cover-up the ritual of jhatka which ended up being deadly due to the fact it reduced the martial nature in Sikhs.

Anyways coming to this subject whenever you can elaborate how do a women be scarefull according to this mahapurush. Exactly the same rule pertains to Dhadri. Solid proof has to be provided to prove a crime. Audio snippets being presented in the Dhadri thread to show exactly how he’s talking against Sikhism. Women can be just scapegoats with regards to their filthy poor minds. No matter what religious control they follow, their particular soiled thoughts will always stay soiled.

I became talking to giani thakur singh Jee relating to this and that the individuals just who made the video had been people who did not like what he said about missionaries so that they created this movie to defame and try and make him stop their parchaar.

There’s absolutely no solid research and have talked to him myself also one more thing to see is that giani thakur singh Jee did Sangat with many saints and I also don’t think he’d previously take action such as this. The main reason they made the video clip would be to attempt to make giani Jee stop his parchaar. But giani Jee will not let that happen giani Jee said let them do what they need they’re going to get what they deserve. Thakur Singh Patiale Wale da Jhooth. Guys cannot come to be scapegoats? SGGS views both women and men in equal light.

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Giani thakur singh ji.Giani Thakur Singh Ji | About

Jun 19,  · Giani Thakur Singh (Patiala wale Damdami Taksal wale) is a well known Katha -char (one that provides katha and lectures on Sikhism) and classical religious Punjabi artist. Katha Giani thakur singh ji,Patiala wale,Damdami taksal,Latest katha, mp3 dowload,guru granth sahib katha, jap ji sahib katha,suraj parkash katha,nitnem santhya,Live katha suraj parkash granth,dasam grantha katha,mool mantar katha,sikh rehat katha,anand sahib weyakhya,gurbani katha,sikhi katha,gurbani updesh,guru nanak dev g,kathawachak, itihaas patshahi dasvi,tenth guru sikh . Giani Thakur Singh Ji Damdami Taksal/Giani Thakur Singh (Patiale wale) MB · MP3. 5. Parkash Samagam Katha Giani Thakur Singh Ji Damdami Taksal/Giani Thakur Singh (Patiale wale) MB · MP3.

Can we however take lahaa from their kathas after his event with the bibi? Guru ji app will reveal the truth. What number of Giani Thakur Singhs are there any performing parchaar? For whatever reason I was thinking there clearly was two, but there is simply the one, isn’t here, the Taksali Singh? There is certainly giani thakur singh thw katha vachak, and sant baba thakur singh ji the mukhi of damdami taksal. I am aware of Baba Ji, it’s the giani I wasn’t certain of. A part of myself was hoping those allegations might’ve already been for another Thakur Singh I experiencedn’t heard about.

Folks frequently get confused since they’re both Taksaali Singhs and because many people call taksaali mukhis sant giani instead of sant baba. It reminds me of a song by the musical organization Metric. The track is called respiration Underwater. Trigger in reality the people we lookup to will fall. The only person who we can look up to is guru sahib cause guru sahib is full. Sant Baba Thakur Singh ji was never the mukhi of Taksal. He constantly said sant Jarnail Singh ji could be the mukht. In line with the laws of bhagti His video because of the Bibi or even the Bibi speaking against him we cannot obviously bear in mind was uploaded a little while back but eliminated.

Having found him, and his family, he is certainly in more Chardikala than many of us right here. Additionally, you are able to frequently experience one from their particular jeevan and katha. At the conclusion of the afternoon, he’s got done amazing katha throughout the katha, so when sangat we can access them to utilize them to your most useful advantage. You may be posting as a guest.

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Terms of Use. Giani thakur Singh thakur. Respond to this subject begin brand-new subject. Recommended Posts. Guest Thakur singh published Summer 8, Posted Summer 8, Link to upload Share on websites. Posted June 9, MisterrSingh 4, Published Summer 9, Guest singh Posted Summer 9, Guest Published Summer 9, Guest DesiJatt Posted June 9, Akalifauj Uploaded June 10, Published Summer 10, Guest Mahakaal96 Posted Summer 10, MisterrSingh 4, Published June 11, Published June 11, i am thinking about the Thakur Singh who fought alongside the Singhs in Guest Posted Summer 11, that is why it may be a bit hard to get actual informative data on which he is and exactly what he did.

Edit: Oh wait nope, here’s a Dailymotion movie i came across. Join the conversation you will be publishing as a guest. Respond to this topic Followers 0. Go to subject listing. Just how sikhs helped the jaats of bharatpur. Singhs taking opium in Gur sobha granth. Simply must view.

Being informed what direction to go? In Panjabi churrus is usually simply cannabis resin, what they used to call ash or hash in england. However you tend to be right, he might have now been using a cocktail of stuff? Sikhs in haryana hv started getting sikhs. My point was to publish an interesting little bit of text from somebody from a medical back ground. Don’t think that i am some type of prohibitionist.

Like I stated, it effects some people negatively, but i have seen lots of people from many different experiences, from labourers, , lawyers, salesmen, brickies, music producers, artists I could go on utilize it without unfavorable impact. This isn’t condoning or marketing the use btw. These are merely observations. I do believe when you have specific pre-existing circumstances, it might have averse results, also it may well not even be completely generalisable like this – it might be that particular strains have a more negative effect on these people than others?

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