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Associate Login Enter. The consistency and dependability I have from Archers Advantage has help propel me to the top of the podium often times! Archers Advantage, i will not get the industry without one! There clearly was a reason why most World Champions use this system, it really is quick, precise and can never ever let you down. With our hectic schedule, we want some thing easy and quick. We simply enter various dimensions, print out the sight tape, and go right to the range knowing that our marks tend to be perfect. The picture tapes are indispensable if you ask me in industry shooting.

The ability to shop bow setups and arrow configurations makes replicating overall performance that much simpler. I strongly recommend Archer’s Positive Aspect! Archers Advantage provides me personally the side i must not only contend but becoming a top degree shooter. I dial in 2 picture scars and Archer’s positive aspect gives me personally all of those other marks, and they are perfect!

Thanks Perry for a great item. To go out of almost anything to possibility will be giving my competitors an advantage. I only trust my sight scars, short-range sales, and arrow choice to Archers positive aspect system. I have used it for many years and has now never ever I would ike to straight down. Key Features This shaft selection pc software aids all major Arrow Shaft Manufacturers. Quick precise sight options for any archer making use of a sliding picture. It works similarly well for both recurve and element bows. Easily resights in from the range to compensate for switching circumstances.

Over 30 World Champions rely on Archer’s benefit for their sight settings. The picture on the right shows a typical Archer’s Advantage Sight Tape while the sight in the left reveals a set of penciled in scars. That do you believe gets the advantage? All Rights Reserved. Web development by Southern Bay Web Page Design. Associate Login.


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In sight tapes archery calculater click on switch Add brand-new picture tape and follow the wizard; Print much more sight tapes with speed step fps; Next activities: Attach tape to sight and set pin for 20m, goto 70m and see where pin is; If above 70m picture tape mark attach faster tape (+ fps), below 70m sight tape mark connect slower tape ( fps). age. The sight tapes within the enclosed kit are numbered from 26 to Our instance indicates that we need tape Simply peel tape 48 from the system and carefully put it on to the BLANK SPOOL as shown. Note: The “20” should really be placed LEFT regarding the set screw for RIGHT quality: KB. Obtainable in the original Optimizer Lite or even the update Tetra LT, this adjustable picture has actually a rear-facing tape number from 20 to 80 yards in 5 yard increments. (MSRP $ to $) Fixed. The Optimizer Lite Cadet is great single pin flexible sight for youth and starting archers as well as for ted Reading Time: 2 minutes.

Your quick dashboard for important times, benefits, together with latest giveaways. The time has come of the season that bowhunters live for. In modern times, going or sliding places are becoming increasingly popular and since a lot of companies now provide multi-pin moving choices, numerous hunters tend to be stepping into this world making use of their searching setups.

The basis of these moving sights includes proper installation, leveling , and tape building. Because the general manager for Straight 6 Archery in Montana, I sell and establish a majority of these sights on a yearly basis.

I needed to deliver some insight into your options readily available aswell just how to really develop a tape for your bow. The materials needed for creating a proper sight tape are extremely fundamental. You will need the following:. The biggest decision will undoubtedly be deciding on which computer system to make use of. Not only will these be somewhat costly but there are numerous programs to choose from. If you have several friends that are also looking to develop tapes the expense of the program can be split up amongst the group and some programs will even allow online access.

Generally speaking, all of the programs are really easy to use and can supply positive results. Some of the available alternatives are:. Some new phone applications can also be found, but they are usually only precise up to 60 to 80 yards.

This can be an application I have used for quite some time with great success and trust with my equipment and my customers. The initial step is fairly straightforward. Archers Advantage is additionally available on the internet. Today we could start inputting our bow and arrow data in to the program. At this point, your computed and assessed fat may or may possibly not be accurate. As more info is registered to the remaining tabs, these numbers can change. Double-check every one of the entered information before shifting.

From here you can now enter necessary data in the point. At this stage, the point adapter model will typically autofill. If you work with special insert setups such as for instance Gold Suggestion F. For this instance, I am using standard. T insert fat on the back for an overall total weight of At this point the nock size and weight will autofill. As always, in the event that nocks you’re using aren’t present you can easily select common and enter your data by hand.

In this tab, you are going to input most of the information about your fletching. As constantly, if the fletchings you are utilizing aren’t present you can easily choose common and enter your details by hand.

While most wraps are in this program, i favor to pick common and consider my wraps by hand as various products may differ slightly in fat.

The calculated weight ought to be close however always lifeless on. As you can plainly see into the window below, the program accurately calculated the extra weight of my finished arrow. At this stage, all your important arrow information is entered and you can go onto your sight.

Dimensions will need to be studied while the bow reaches complete draw and achieving a pal to greatly help can be a lifesaver otherwise you need certainly to place the bow in a draw board. As with the rest of your measurements, these should be precise and precise. Measure twice if needed and enter your details. Most of the remaining information limbs, cams and year must be autofilled at this stage but it is essential to pick this information manually should your bow design was for sale in different options or specs.

Should your bow can not be located in the drop straight down selection then skip to a higher action where you can enter your information by hand. If you are entering your information manually because your bow could never be on the drop down menus in the previous section you will also need to enter your support level and IBO speed rating. These requirements can be seen from the producer’s web site. This number is not entirely accurate and will be altered to a real calculated number next step.

This is your final step of data entering and you are much closer to presenting a finished picture tape. The calculate rate loss is used for sights with picture in scars positioned on the sight straight from the maker. These are usually only available on target places and because this informative article is geared towards shopping sights we shall concentrate on the chronograph loss rather to enter our data. With this action, a chronograph is necessary and it are required to borrow one from a buddy or check out the local store.

If some of the information is incorrect, click returning to the correct loss and make certain all of the information was entered precisely. Given that all your information happens to be entered in to the program, it’s simple to modify your tape to your preference and acquire ready to print it. Now you have registered all of your information, double-checked its reliability and personalized the tape to your liking, it’s time to print. Now that your tape is printed, it is time to put in regarding the picture.

There are numerous methods to attach the tape to the picture and there are no right or wrong choices. Before trying to attach the tape, it is important to do a couple of dry runs to see just how precisely the tape desires to lay down, some trimming may be needed. As soon as my tape was sized to my readily available area, we take a section of obvious packaging tape and stick it towards the numbered side of the sight tape.

Trim the edges to fit the approximate size and shape of this working location and connect the tape into the picture. Be sure to run a finger along all the edges therefore it is adhered entirely and check that we now have no sides or lips peeling up. This packing tape not only connects the tape firmly into the picture but it addittionally waterproofs it so you will likely not experience any running ink if hunting in inclement weather.

The short response is indeed! Along with the software to build the tapes, many of these programs include additional tools that will severely decrease your setup procedure and result in a more precise and exact searching setup.

Many of us are using angle compensating rangefinders that already do that for people this can be an incredibly helpful tool for 3D competitions where rangefinders aren’t permitted. The program will also enable you to print out your slice chart which may be an excellent back-up tool to take in to the backcountry should your rangefinder decides to perish whenever shot of a lifetime is presented.

Now we are able to really geek on! This is often excessively useful in deciding where you can keep just one pin put to cover probably the most floor before an adjustment is required while hunting. Together with the trajectory curve, i’m also able to pick targets based on the online game I am hunting as well as the kill zone area will be represented when you look at the yellow club. Although this is dependent on foam creatures, it can still offer an exact representation of what to expect with your bow and invite you to modify a sight setup to focus on your hunting style.

Maybe one of many coolest little gems about this system will be the previews marks, which allows multi pin users to sight in their bows before ever before maneuvering to the range.

This is used on going and fixed position heads. Today, for several intents and purposes, we intend to consider our 20 garden pin as our zero which can be represented as Set a micrometer to. Proceed to your 40 lawn pin and set it up into the represented number, once more measuring from the 20 yard pin down as this will be your zero.

Spend some time using this procedure and you may only have to fire one arrow for every single pin in the range to validate your environment. By using these programs, make sure to utilize every one of the customization choices that one may to completely modify your tape to your bow and your self. Expect to make several tapes over the process until such time you get everything exactly as you like it. Once a tape design and layout happens to be finalized additionally, it is a great idea to place several additional tapes in a waterproof case in your pack.

The last thing you want is months of scouting, preparation and preparation to go from the screen because a tape is lost or wrecked. Maps Beta. Back again to Bowhunting building an exact picture tape for bowhunting.

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