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Souich and also the intersection Bishounen tend to be waiting into the manor. Don’t be scared when you see all of them. There was additionally a finite product for Lucky man : Voodoo Doll. Probably the most classic figure created by Mr. Junji Ito will arrive at the Manor in near time! Tomie will become Yidhra and produce chaos. Will you become certainly one of her followers? There was also a small product for all survivors: Straw Eyeball.

Will you become her prisoner? Within the third stage for this occasion they introduced the restricted skin: Kawakami Tomie for Dream Witch. There clearly was also a finite product for several survivors: Straw Eyeball , and a finite pet: Jean-Pierre.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register do not have a merchant account? Start a Wiki. Happy Man – Souichi. Wu Chang – The Intersection Bishounen. Intro poster for Souichi. Intro poster when it comes to Intersection Bishounen. Intro for stage one of the Junji Ito Collection Crossover. Announcement for Souichi. Announcement for The Intersection Bishounen. Announcement for phase one of the Junji Ito range Crossover.

Formal poster for Souichi. Formal poster when it comes to Intersection Bishounen. Official poster for stage hands down the Junji Ito Collection Crossover.

Dream Witch – The Painted Women. Announcement for The Painted Girls. Announcement for Eversleeping Town. Statement poster for phase 2 for the Junji Ito Collection Crossover. Official poster when it comes to Painted Girls. Dream Witch – Kawakami Tomie. Announcement for phase 3 of this Junji Ito range Crossover. Groups :. Universal Conquest Wiki.


Identification v junji ito.Jean Pierre | Identity V Wiki | Fandom

Dec 21,  · Dear Detectives,Souich together with intersection Bishounen are waiting when you look at the never be scared when you see them.#IdentityV #JunjiltoCollection #CrossoverEvent. The Painted Girls or Picture lady is a finite costume for the Dream Witch, Yidhra. The outfit is a crossover through the manga/anime series “Junji Ito Collection” by the works of Japanese scary manga musician Junji Ito. It absolutely was an introduced through the Junji Ito range Crossover. 1 Appearance Yidhra Followers 2 Trivia 3 Gallery When equipped, Yidhra is a horrifying creature constructed. Jean Pierre is a finite A-Tier Pet for Survivors and was just obtainable in the Illusion Hall throughout the Junji Ito Crossover celebration. This Pet is of a small humanoid puppet made from either straw or wood (or both). He has a tuft of straw protruding from their head, and had many pale strings venturing out from their limbs until they turn invisible above. This Pet used to be followed by extremely noisy squeaks.

This informative article requires moving images and is missing a gif or variety of gifs that reflect the animation s for this emote, standby motion, or costume menu animation.

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It absolutely was introduced during the Junji Ito Collection Crossover. Unlike the standard combined of brown and black with torn part and talisman, this is just an ordinary black modern umbrella with a straight cane. Wu Chang also seems to be covered in black colored fog when he is standing nonetheless and you may scarcely see them reappear when he’s walking. He wears a white t-shirt and white tight gown jeans. The default compass now turn into a diary with in the address.

He seemingly have typical individual epidermis. He wears a black t-shirt and black gown pants. He also seems to have purple lip stick and earring. Their bell today features a red string attached with it in the place of a handle. He additionally seemingly have paler epidermis. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In do not have a merchant account?

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