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James Isaac Neutron is an exceptionally smart son just who uses scientific understanding and innovations to fix problems, nearly all of which he causes himself. He’s a decade old in the first season, 11 into the second period, and 12 into the 3rd and final season. Their name is a reference to Isaac Newton. Although he could be a genius, he could be a kid in mind and has most of the time proven so.

As a result of the activities in Retroville, Jimmy is key in fixing many situations. Jimmy will usually exclaim “Gotta think Once he’s got developed a plan, he often exclaims “Brain blast! He and Cindy Vortex have actually a dislike for every various other, although it is revealed in later symptoms that they privately love each other. Neutron is usually seen using a red T-shirt together with his yellow trademark atom symbol upon it, blue jeans, and white Chuck-Taylor Converse All-Star sneakers, but blue short pants and brown shoes into the movie.

As well as his moms and dads, a number of their other family members have also showed up regarding the show. Sheen Estevez is Jimmy’s slightly older, hyperactive, addled most useful friend, characterized by their bad fixation with the fictional superhero “UltraLord” plus the tv series, video games, and merchandising influenced by UltraLord. Sheen, just who wears an UltraLord T-shirt, has actually amassed an accumulation of UltraLord souvenirs and in addition created a website dedicated to the superhero.

Sheen lives together with father and grandma. Sheen’s dad makes a short look in period one, although their face just isn’t shown. Sheen is mentioned for his extreme, constant bouts of hyperactivity, which he shows numerous times per episode, together with his misdirected, limited intelligence and brief attention span, towards the annoyance of his peers. Alongside UltraLord, Sheen additionally appears to be enthusiastic about superheroes overall plus in typical masculine subjects such as for example wrestling, and it is strongly infatuated with Libby Folfax, getting her boyfriend because of the period of the system’s conclusion.

Sheen would later star inside the own spin-off program, globe Sheen , which premiered in In this show, he goes in Jimmy’s lab and steals his brand-new rocket ship, which crash lands in the world Zeenu. Because of the show being temporary, he could be never ever shown going back to world.

Sheen’s full name is a reference to the very last brands of both stage title and genuine brands of father-son actors Martin Sheen , Charlie Sheen , and Emilio Estevez. Carl Wheezer is a bespectacled dim-witted son and something of Jimmy’s close friends.

Carl and his moms and dads have many allergies, every so often even to items that tend to be not capable of triggering allergy symptoms. He passionately really loves llamas , along with his enthusiasm for them is frequently made use of as a running gag for the show.

He could be additionally a bit cowardly and developed a crush on Jimmy’s mother, as shown throughout a variety of symptoms. Their crush on Judy becomes so severe that he is shown a pastime in exterminating Judy’s husband and Jimmy’s father, Hugh Neutron. An extraterrestrial character called Doppy, with similarities to Carl, is a principal character in Planet Sheen. Their extreme obsession when it comes to llama originated when their moms and dads extended their cable lineup and then he became dedicated to a show called Llama Boy The Super Hero.

Since their obsession started he’s got gone to great lengths expressing his love for all of them, going as far as to join a fan club known as The Llama like Society, which he likely produced himself. It’s well worth noting, Carl is afraid of lima beans , germs, and scary tales. He’s also known to own symptoms of asthma, and it is very stressed about their large number of allergies and it is terrified to getting any type of infection.

Also, as he is tired, his mom tends to make him hot milk, rubs their tummy, and sings “nani nani nani”. He regularly shows off his vocal abilities carrying out improvised and poetically expressed rhymes. Cynthia Aurora “Cindy” Vortex is a blonde-haired woman with green eyes, wears a fading-green clothing with stripes and wears her locks in a ponytail together with her trademark bangs. In her debut, she wore a salmon-pink shirt with black colored pants and salmon-pink shoes and wore her hair in pigtails.

She’s great at tai-chi. Her friend is Libby. She’s got your dog known as Humphrey, who’s observed in numerous symptoms, often associated her. This woman is Jimmy Neutron’s female counterpart and arch-rival yet love interest but when you look at the episode, “Lady Sings the news headlines”, Jimmy and Cindy formally start dating, which was predicted in early in the day episodes like “Win Lose and Kaboom! It’s uncertain whether this is actually the real future because the gang changed the last by the end associated with the event.

Cindy herself is 12 years of age in the 1st season. Cindy’s mom, who had been born in France and loves French food , [ citation required ] features high criteria for Cindy and expects her to follow in her footsteps.

Her dad is an accountant which makes a look in the episode “Make Room for Daddy-O. Libby Folfax is Cindy’s sassy, affluent close friend for whom Sheen has been shown to own an infatuation. This woman is African United states and contains black locks this is certainly constantly styled correctly. Early in the series, Libby dislikes Jimmy and his pals and frequently sides with Cindy, but given that series continued, both Libby and Cindy are more attached with Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen.

Libby later became Sheen’s gf, much to their glee. In one single episode, Libby mentions that her ancestor had been the fictional Queen Hasabataslapya “how’s about I slap ya? During the event, Libby was forced to masquerade once the queen in order to distract a team of revived mummies given that old portrait of the queen highly resembles Libby. For the remainder series, Libby held her brand-new hairstyle, and her wardrobe also changed. She adores well-known songs and dance, and lusts for it when it was taken away from her for just about any reason.

He’s also made cameo appearances in many symptoms. Goddard is Jimmy Neutron’s robotic dog that Jimmy invented himself. He is devoted to Jimmy and sometimes accompanies him on their activities away from school. Jimmy can call him when he wants from his phone. He’s got various features including self-propelled trip and will double as a rocket propelled bicycle-like transport for Jimmy to drive, filled with handle bars.

Jimmy frequently uses Goddard to help consider options for his dilemmas, which Goddard displays on a pc monitor covered normally by his breastplate. He has got mostly the disposition of an ordinary puppy, but sporadically makes use of sound clips to communicate. Despite being blown to pieces, Goddard can instantly reconstruct himself back to normal from the scrap without the assistance. It has become a running gag for him.

He was known as following the late famous United states engineer, Robert H. Jimmy Neutron’s father and Judy’s husband, Hugh Neutron is portrayed as a clueless, dimwitted, but good-natured, and fatherly individual who often provides advice to Jimmy. Ducks tend to be Hugh’s favorite hobby; he enjoys collecting figurines of ducks and displaying them around the house. Hugh also really loves the pies which are baked by his spouse Judy. In a single event, Hugh created a vacation called “Pule” a mix of Pie and Yule whenever Jimmy unintentionally causes xmas become changed by messing with Santa’s atoms.

Judith “Judy” Neutron , Jimmy’s mother and Hugh’s partner, is a homemaker. She has actually auburn hair in a s style hairdo and green eyes. She wears a green sleeveless dress with little red polka-dots, along with a white pearl necklace, high-heel dress footwear, purple lip stick, and has now a mole on the remaining part of her face. She acts bossy, rigid, and accountable towards her boy Jimmy. Carl Wheezer is contemplating Judy along with her snacks. Jimmy’s first crush.

This woman is nice to him, and has the accidental capability to make him do things he generally wouldn’t normally do. Betty informed Cindy that she’s fully conscious of Jimmy and Cindy’s thoughts for every other, and also to “simply relax and keep out of my face. He’s all yours”. Also called the “boy from fairy-tale land” or the “boy aided by the funny name”, Bolbi is the unusual citizen trade pupil from Backhairistan. He usually talks broken English, it is shown to have a surprisingly great Shakespearean acting vocals when auditioning for a play.

It is known which he has actually a blond sibling just who appears exactly like him in “Crouching Jimmy, concealed Sheen. The teacher for Jimmy and his friends, who regularly squawks like a chicken whenever speaking. In an episode of the very first season, Jimmy accidentally turned skip Fowl into a huge plant monster after he revived a million-year-old plant. Due to Jimmy, Fowl had been later shrunk down to normal. Nicholas “Nick” Dean may be the ” cool ” kid at school that is usually seen on a skateboard, doing dangerous tricks.

He doesn’t participate in their college’s program and tell tasks and sometimes arrives at school 5 minutes before dismissal.

Nick is obsessed with styling his hair, and it is considered really handsome by all women when you look at the college. He is of Brazilian US descent, along with his mama talks Portuguese and English. Nick often breaks their knee while riding his skateboard; as he does so, he usually lets out a high pitched girl-like scream. Nick ended up being originally going to be part of the regular number of characters, just like their part into the movie.

He could be one of many city’s wealthiest children, residing a-room mansion, with a bowling alley, maids’ quarters, a screening space, and a soft drink parlor. He is able to additionally sing operatic German, and certainly will design their tresses without the need for their arms. When you look at the motion picture, he had been almost always seen with a purple lollipop in his lips. He is very good; in a single event, he was able to beat up Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen and throw all of them into a dumpster.

However, they can be a coward every so often and even a wimp as in the film as he confronted Poultra , he ran away screaming. He wore a sleeves coat when it comes to very first 1 / 2 of the show then switched to a leather coat.

Nick is the second male character along side Jimmy that is voiced by a female. He could be additionally somewhat obese. He directed Macbeth in Space and had been extremely giddy about it. He shows intense fury when one of his shows gets destroyed.

But, he is a really great individual, albeit forgetful at times. He’s lively and passionate. He appears to truly care about their scholars, and it has obviously taken enough time to arrive at understand every single one. He has got a sister called Eunice whom looks like the belated Albert Einstein, and comments on constantly getting all of them confused.


Pictures of jimmy neutron.Jimmy Neutron images and Premium High Res Pictures – Getty Images

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Judy is mind associated with Neutron family. She actually is no-nonsense, but always concerned with Jimmy’s exploits and how their day moved. Taking a cue from Martha Stewart, Judy has perfectly coiffed hair and is constantly attired in a wrinkle-free dress. But though she usually wears an apron, it is not for involved in your kitchen.

Instead, she can frequently be found adding overall performance modifications towards the family members vehicle. Judy is a tall and skinny 50’s homemaker style woman. She’s light auburn hair in a 50’s flip hairstyle and green eyes with pale green eye shadow. She wears large silver hoop earrings and a white pearl necklace along with light green lipstick.

She additionally wears an eco-friendly sleeveless dress with small pink polka dots and green high-heel dress shoes. She’s a beauty mark on the remaining side of her face. Her fingernails tend to be refined with red nail enamel. Judy is a caring and loving mother towards Jimmy and it is really affectionate towards her spouse, Hugh. However, she gets frustrated with Jimmy’s antics and all the difficulty he causes, often having to provide him a lecture or put him inside the location.

For instance, In When Pants Attack , we learn that Judy has actually expected Jimmy to pick up their pants 54 separate times to no avail. She usually tends to make Jimmy do chores before performing an experiment or planning to room. This generally causes Jimmy discover creative techniques around their tasks, leading to much bigger dilemmas, such as the invention of Jimmy’s clones and the Maternotron. Occasionally, it is hinted that Jimmy might have gotten his awesome cleverness from their mom.

Another example happens in Maternotron Knows Best , where she impresses Jimmy by pulling a very advanced molecular blasting ray out of her energy cabinet to power down the Maternotron. She also place a tracking product in Hugh’s skin, revealed in Aaughh!! Additionally, Judy could be the family mechanic. She will often be located within the storage, checking the plugs and points or including horse power to the household roadster.

She had been obsessed with cleaning and it is a little bit of a germophobe. She experiences great lengths to make sure that the Neutron family remains clean, including dusting the yard, as present in Crime Sheen research. In identical episode, she admits that she desired to throw Sheen’s Ultra Lord away after seeing exactly how filthy it absolutely was, but could not because she did not have her plastic gloves.

She really loves cooking and baking, particularly pies. She often tends to make fresh pies for Hugh, much to their pleasure. In make enough space for Daddy-O , Judy begins panicking whenever Hugh rejects certainly one of her pies, theorizing which he may now be into cakes or tarts today.

She frequently utilizes strange ingredients, such as for example when she tends to make a bramble-berry pie when it comes to Wheezer family into the Feud.

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