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By SanadaSan. Updated March 8. Updated October 15, Updated October 13, By TempestRevan. Updated August 6, By MrSpidey Updated April 28, By fly3r. Updated March 22, By Reserection. Updated May 20, By GustavoPredador. Updated January 2, By Barricade Submitted May 15, By GPChannel. Updated Might 15, By iNate. Updated August 4, By RJA. Updated August 3, By JKHub. Updated February 29, By Syko.

Updated February 25, By Gigon. By JJxHookZx. By Salvation. Updated February 24, By neomarz1. As a result, I had in order to make some small modifications to really make it work with JK2. Tagged with: team help custom noises female celebrity wars related jkhub unique.

Identical to with my recently-posted Mon Mothma reskin, it really is just like the JA version, just the specular shaders do not create dynamic shine in addition to RGB skin is omitted. Tagged with: jk2 team support male star wars relevant.

In addition to eliminating the extras that only work with JA, oahu is the identical reskin. The hologram of her that appears in the orifice cutscene following the opening crawl and also the Raven’s Claw flying towards Kejim is untouched, since that are certainly one of three ROQ files the people utilized for pre-rendered cutscenes and I do not know just how to edit those. For the record, loading the JA version in JK2 does not crash the overall game I deliberately didn’t include the design.

Her gown uses certainly one of its two specular textures usually the one to help make the necklaces shiny, so it is entirely black save for all of them , while her mouth and eyes use their specular texture, making her eyes look only a little creepy.

Similarly, her boots are typically black colored, save yourself for a couple of brownish accents occasionally. More over, the JA model includes a sounds. There was really a soundset in JK2 labeled as that, nevertheless the way sounds. JA’s syntax simply needs the name of this soundset folder within “chars”. As an end result, JK2 reads “mothma”, actively seeks a folder within sounds called “mothma”, doesn’t think it is, and therefore actually leaves the design soundless. It will precisely browse the “f” on the next line and adjusts the death messages appropriately, though.

So if you feel just like messing around, provide a whirl. Tagged with: jk2 team support female star wars related jkhub exclusive. I made her top white while the vest, with all the various other brown components, black colored and present her the pants from her blue staff epidermis. I’ve examined if you’re able to utilize this for Academy. Since it does not work properly, I made a Academy Version to help you utilize this skin in Academy also:.

Tagged with: jk2 female jkhub exclusive. His shoulder pad is currently also black and I disabled the collar thing. I love my form of him significantly more than the farmer Jedi and I hope you too. This will work additionally in Jedi Academy! Tagged with: jk2 jkhub exclusive male jedi. All used to do had been interface the skin up to the JK2 Kyle design. We saw many people which wanted to utilize this skin in JK2 and weren’t certain exactly how, so I figured this could be great to have on the hub, since I haven’t seen this done right here or somewhere else.

Tagged with: jk2 jedi star wars related. Kyle By fly3r Hello all! I make reskins,. Next type “helpusobi 1” Here will be the npc design brands for this model For Playermodel: vader For Npc: vader Note: you must enter one of several preceding names when spawning your npc. This mod will work for either Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy. The next file is the lightsaber used by Nex.

As you’re able to tell, it really is Haplash’s Anakin lightsaber which i modified to make darker in a few areas. This mod are going to be updated and, once I believe the brand new variation is fit for release, I’ll upload the newer versions. The process has started, as I’ve currently created a version with some changes including masks and hoods without robes. But these will require a while to produce when I want them to be updated a lot more with more alternatives for customisation. This can overwrite, or be overwritten, by any extra saber replacements you may have currently included.

Therefore keep this in mind should you see it doesn’t work. In the. This is the Vinegar Sith Skin. From the grave, he wake up and made alliances along with other basic dark guys. All jedi had been attacked. Just Kyle Katarn and Luke Skywalker stays, with some odd jedi. Kyle has been abandonned without powers in accordance with only one weapon in a far, far away area, and must escape to find the Zone Of Trouble, one zone which rely all locations for the earth associated with the mod. Watch, appreciate it and play Vinegar Sith, they truly are cool!

He’s boy of Leia and Han Solo. I fixed up his face a little and changed the team color skins. Made new icons as well as a brand new epidermis. The newest skin is Anakin Solo in a darkside kind. There are a few really minor things that i must touch-up for several for the Star Wars nerds that notice every little off information concerning the skin.

BTW we fixed the “error” that made the epidermis overwrite the Stormpilot. This Edition is actually for individuals with Jedi Outcast. Take note that this edition features seen minimal testing and some associated with the features may not work. Alttrooperskin By Gigon this might be a stormtrooper default epidermis replacement: One is orange, the other is green.

Really i love the orange one, I’ll put it to use the most! We have made those skins while I was trying to make a single-player mod I didn’t make the mod nevertheless the skins are here!

He wished a red and blue group skin so I made him an innovative new version of it. Size: 2. Neo By Salvation 3 Different ReSkins using some thing aside from the reborn design with completely new textures additionally the prisoner design. If someone else made public Neo skin and is offended by my attempts, I apologize, We invested about a couple of months searching for one then gave up and made a decision to make personal so right here it is, enjoy!

Many moons ago I was slated to epidermis this model, but got tangled up into performing the Obi model. I finally got a moment and decided to go forward and re-skin the design as assured. The key changes are associated with the face, and clothes. She is a Clawdite bounty hunter, whom is an ally to Jango Fett.

Clawdites tend to be shapeshifters capable of morphing into another types such peoples More details in the personality are found at www.


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Feb 24,  · This pack contains reskins of HapSlash’s Imperial Officer designed to reproduce the officials observed in the first online game. This mod is wonderful for either Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy. 17 Jun Pickysaurus. Siege Survival: Gloria Victis introduced on Steam final thirty days in addition to good folks at Koch Media have actually partnered with us to give away 35 copies associated with the online game into the Nexus Mods neighborhood! Siege Survival is a fresh resource management survival online game set-in the medieval world of Gloria Victis. You perform as a small selection of civilians. This can be a mod that aims to freshen and soften the primary menus of both SP and MP of Jedi Academy. I usually believed like the noises and songs for the menu were exceedingly harsh. Especially if you’re playing later at night, you fire up JKA and then click Play–BEEP! Ow. Click Join Serv–BEEP! New seems add an even more subdued feel to your selection knowledge.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Shop Webpage. Anyone knows how to configure this video game to run in widescreen resolution? Such x I’m not sure if it’s possible. Thank you for your help! Showing 1 – 15 of 20 comments. Thank you! Kyle07 View Profile View Posts. I start thinking about to try out in due to the original fov ingame.

Calavera96 View Profile View Blogs. Simply so that you know, x is within my opinion top resolution with this online game, it really is similiar to x trust me , it seems nearly similar, but it gives you for bunny hop, original fov ingame plus much more such as this. The resolution permits bunny hop? We believed its just how you hit the space-key? You are wrong. I am talking about, okay, you can do it on widescreen resolution, but it’s never as effective.

Yah just you’ll need some system to open the cfg files, and I also don’t know what type plus are you currently designed to change both SP and MP. See steam offered us crap and doesn’t care. Originally published by ASpaceGnome :. You can make use of fundamental windows notepad :.

Just if you prefer widescreen in MP, change jk2mpconfig. Simple as that. Have a great time dudes. I am having an equivalent concern right here, but switching the designs to the overhead does not appear to fix-it. The video game plays for me, but I can only see about one fourth associated with the online game’s image. Here is what I get during the main selection. Shizmagician View Profile View Blogs. Initially published by SolidName :. Last edited by Shizmagician ; 2 Oct, pm. Munjios View Profile View Blogs.

Initially published by wolvynne :. Rothaus See Profile View Posts. Down load jk2mv and u can play this game wit high grafic and widescreen jk2mv. Cookie View Profile View Blogs. Initially published by Boski Pingwin :. Per web page: 15 30 Date Posted: 15 Jan, pm. Posts: Conversations Principles and Tips. I cannot operate the MP-mode. Anyone have actually custom Singleplayer maps? Widescreen and FOV. Note: This is to be used to report junk e-mail, marketing and advertising, and challenging harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

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