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Nonetheless, involved in show with a few clueless carriers, Samsung made some embarrassing choices regarding factory configurations, disabling a few key functions and allowing other people which are not as useful. While your Galaxy Note 3’s defaults can vary greatly from our T-Mobile design, they are the features you want fired up and those you would like deterred. Perhaps the best of most of Samsung’s proprietary features, Multi Window mode allows you to view two various applications or two instances of exactly the same application side-by-side.

Better yet, you’ll drag and drop content from one screen to another, so long as both applications support the data transfer. However for some unusual explanation, this very-useful function can be disabled by default. Make it possible for Multi Window mode, toggle it to on within the unit loss under options.

By default, the Galaxy Note 3’s lock screen is a dull wallpaper that does a bit more than show the time. However, it is possible to set up to five application shortcuts about it that enable you to definitely unlock your phone to your camera, email or dialer in one quick swipe.

To enable and configure lock screen shortcuts from the Galaxy Note 3, faucet Lock screen underneath the Device loss in settings, toggle Shortcuts to on and then touch Shortcuts to include or eliminate apps through the listing. By default the five shortcuts tend to be phone dialer, SMS messaging, Bing search, mail and camera. It’s also really required for sharing data and pictures with a tap as well as mobile repayments via Bing Wallet. Samsung’s S Beam feature makes use of its NFC radio to generally share files, specifically pictures and video clips, much faster than standard Android os Beam.

The Galaxy Note II launched Samsung’s Air view, an attribute which will show you previews of content such as for example pictures when you look at the gallery or even the text of e-mails in your inbox when you hover over on-screen things with your pen. The Galaxy S4 included the ability to get Air view functions along with your hand in place of a pen.

Easily, the Galaxy Note 3 can detect either the pen or your little finger for Air view, but by standard, it just recognizes the pen. To allow both finger and pen support for Air view, touch Air view when you look at the Controls loss regarding the configurations selection, make certain Air view is toggled to on and then select Auto through the Air view mode menu.

The Galaxy Note 3 lasts quite a long time — over 11 hours on our examinations — but when you’re in the middle of a lengthy time, it is critical to understand the amount of juice you have got remaining.

By default, the device simply shows a green battery symbol that appears less much less complete through the day. However, you can view the actual percentage in the standing club by tapping show underneath the Device loss in settings and checking “Show battery portion. The default lock display screen impact, which seems like rippling liquid is moving throughout the display whenever you swipe up, is fun initial 10 times. After that, it just slows down the unlock process and annoys you. Disable the ripple effect by tapping Lock display under the Device tab associated with options selection then tapping Unlock result and finding None.

Your stylus may seem just like the master of one’s Galaxy Note 3, but there’s you should not trumpet its arrival every time you detach it from its owner. Air Command menu is a little dial-shaped overlay that pops up on screen and allows you to rapidly open several pen-enabled features. It’s really helpful usually.

However, by standard, the Galaxy Note 3 launches Air Command each time you whip out the stylus, even if you may want to utilize the stylus for something which actually listed on its selection like the S Note note-taking software, the SketchBook drawing app or the handwriting recognition keyboard.

Due to the fact you can launch Air Command by yourself by pressing the stylus’s switch while hovering it over the display, you should end Air Command from releasing immediately by tapping S Pen underneath the Controls loss in Settings then choosing nothing through the Pen detachment choices selection. An annoying gimmick that gets in your path, Samsung’s Smart Pause function pauses movies once you look from the display.

So if you were simply glancing down to the side to see what your child did, your entire movie stops. Fortunately, this particular aspect ended up being handicapped by default on our T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3, but you will desire to be sure it is not operating on your phone. Disable Smart Pause by tapping Smart Screen beneath the configurations selection’s Controls tab and making sure there is no check in its checkbox. Samsung’s motion controls are fun to show down at events, however they’re not essential to possess on on a regular basis. To do easy actions like searching a gallery or responding to a call, you must spot the hands pretty near to the phone and wave them in just the proper manner why not just extend your little finger another inches and touch the display screen?

Fortunately, on our T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3, Air Gesture is disabled by default, but you will want to guarantee it is deterred in your phone so it doesn’t waste system sources checking to see if there is a hand transferring front of this display. Toggle Air gesture to off beneath the Controls tab in Settings.

Unless you desire to give yourself whiplash, don’t bother making use of Smart Scroll, which scrolls down and up within the Samsung web browser maybe not Chrome by using your attention moves. Unfortunately, you ought to crane your throat up or down seriously to make Smart Scroll know your moves, making touching the display screen a far greater option.

This feature arrived disabled on our T-Mobile phone, but to ensure it’s off in your Galaxy Note 3, faucet Smart Screen underneath the configurations menu’s Control tab and then uncheck Smart Scroll. Tom’s Guide. Kindly deactivate your advertising blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Functions to Enable and Disable. Topics Android Os. See all commentary 0. No comments however Comment from the discussion boards.


Water ripple lock display.Swipe Water Ripple Effect it is slow at the Lock Screen – Samsung Galaxy S3 | Android Forums

Jun 09,  · Re: water damage and mold to laptop computer screen! Hey man, I don’t think there is much you could do. Even in the event the guarantee’s nevertheless active, it generally does not protect neither water damage and mold nor in the event that you yourself caused an accident which often caused the breakdown. Maybe another person’s got advisable, but usually I think it’s likely you have to cover repairs/change of hardware. Sep 11,  · i’m working on an Android application. This last makes use of a notification with a custom view that is presented on the lock screen. Sadly, I’m not capable of getting the ripple and level effect when I tap on it like many notifications. Also, just one touch trigger the intention I have configured whereas other notifications need dual faucet. Jun 25,  · To utilize liquid Lock, unlock the screen and make certain it really is cleaned dry in order to avoid accidental taps from water droplets. Swipe up to access Control Center, then touch on Water Lock (icon looks like a raindrop and turns teal when activated). The Lock icon should show up on the top of the display screen. When finished utilising the view in a wet environment, change.

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This last makes use of a notification with a custom view this is certainly exhibited regarding the lock screen. Regrettably, I’m not capable of getting the ripple and height impact once I tap upon it like other notifications.

Additionally, just one touch trigger the intention We have configured whereas other notifications need dual tap. The software example offers two buttons to publish notifications: one which utilizes a custom view and suffer from the issues mentioned previously and another notification that uses the standard system view with all the anticipated behaviour. Any concept on how to obtain the ripple and level result but also the double faucet behavior by keeping the custom view is welcome.

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