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I’m that the thief Is the best, for he has improved leap capabilities which will come in useful I think warlock is the greatest class you will get more damage through the use of light spell master suit,golden dragon staff in full update and white pearl band. And you may get damage more then 10k. So warlock is the greatest. I would say Warlock is the better class cuz you could make ur own clone and make ur attack’s harm twice.

And yh sometimes you are going to mistake ur clone as ur char XD but you’ll get used to it ;. I preferred elite warrior course. We became no 1 player in this class. This has many miracle energy and assault energy. We suggested one to buy spektator in air element or make use of all seeing band for those who have, champ set in air element and air striker. Rogue without a doubt the unique makes him able to do a triple leap attack limitless e the full time becomes more slow wich tends to make evasion simpler.

Sorry about my english i am brazilian and I also do not write quite definitely in english. I’d say rogue. It offers great transportation with the triple leap, time slowdown so quite simple headshots and dodges additionally, when you have a dagger with 5 performers in speed, if u utilize the unique you and start assaulting u will not come to an end of dagger ammo sorry dunno what to call it lol and you’ll stay static in air if u attack in midair.

This can be very helpful for employers just like the endboss at cell , where you are able to simply accomplish that when he attacks and stay in midair and headshot him for around 7 seconds that may kill him effortlessly. In my opinion that the warrior equiped with the steelblow armor, the steelblow ring while the environment striker is very good plus their ability makes him resistant to opponent projectiles and that may come in handy particularly if you arent that great at dodging, in addition it does harm according to your armor.

I think the warlock is best, he’s able to clone himself that is awesome and efficient in fight. If you’re still looking for help with this video game we’ve more concerns and answers for you to check always. We now have comparable concerns to the one that may have more responses for your needs: Show all. You can comment on the web page with Disqus or Facebook. Pick either above to see what other people have said.

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Magic rampage best class.Magic Rampage Wiki | Fandom

Mar 11,  · I think warlock is the best class you will get more damage by utilizing light spell master suit,golden dragon staff(in complete revision) and white pearl ring. And you can get damage more then 10k. So warlock is the best. Sep 07,  · i believe the most effective course for Combat is Assassin, he’s Incredibly security Smoke Screen makes him ‘Invincible’. and his Assassination is provide to One-Shot One-Kill to Players, Very Useful against extremely Hard Enemies like Torturer, Living Armor, etc. additionally his Double-Jump makes him free from the not bad, but Dangerable Risk of Jumping Potions. Armors are the primary character outfit that gives security from opponent assaults also increases attributes by percentages. Armors are found via story mode, accomplishments, bought from the store or gained into the Weekly Dungeon. They could additionally be offered. 1 Recruit Set 2 Soldier Set 3 Elite Soldier Set 4 Ranger Set 5 Umbranian Vest 6 Brass Set 7 Elite Brass Set 8 Obsidian Set 9 Elite Obsidian Set

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Shop Webpage. Rampage Knights Store Webpage. Global Achievements. Nonetheless havn’t beaten it yet but the farthest I got was with a Battlemage – ended up getting rocked in a room with 2 purple Beholders and some armor dudes. We have all courses unlocked except the Warlock I think and I’m wondering just what an excellent course is. Showing 1 – 9 of 9 reviews. The Warlock is probably my favourite for attempting to do full runs. He gets an extra life whenever all his demons are enhanced, therefore even although you die you can easily however advance.

Barbarian is what it is suggested for brand new players, since his gun has such lengthy reach in which he is a little of a harm spnge. However for general play, we ordinarily stick to the plain old adventurer.

Boring, but i prefer it. I did so overcome the game a little ago and it ended up being since the Pirate – in all honesty I rarely made use of his Cannon and only found like 3 containers of Rum the whole game that includes their starting one. Though, i believe we ran into 1 or 2 huge Kegs that i really could get intoxicated away from. Ended up being caught with Midas’ Touch curse about midway through and believed the game ended up being over because this means you can forget healing from meals pickups.

Hesgad View Profile View Blogs. Outdone it as Adventurer Babarian and battlemage BM is the most fun but also sorts of the hardest while he cant roll and his abilitys are very poor besides TP and Wall in the event that you do not get a hold of enchantment harm supply. Regarding the other side his stats tend to be good so meh. Pirate is the best imo. He’s got similar power as the Barbarian with quicker move speed and only 10 less vitality. Not being able to equip shoes is much better than not-being ready to provide armor.

The available armors are much better than the footwear. Plus getting intoxicated of rum or kegs is an immediate full heal, plus a full regen in 2 even more areas. Bonus kick and stomp harm normally great. Plus the parrot doesn’t hurt, even when the address bubbles are large and irritating. Fuccubus See Profile View Blogs.

Last edited by Fuccubus ; 14 Sep, am. Up to now my favourite has to be the Barbarian yes being not able to grab armor is not therefore hot but with the higher HP pool i can exposure performing stupid stuff without gatting myself killed to fast although i can perform some identical to Warlock. And thinking about how often i find Highlander Warpaint really lets say he rapidly can become a pretty hard hitter that continues to have around 50 HP if you got happy with a Golden Banana or a Potioncabinet. Usually Warlock has actually my vote really survivable although in case the in a pickle and get killed you most likely won’t be able to recover to easily from that specialy since he relies on his minions offering him extra resides.

Like I obtained a space with 2 Beholders and 1 Wizard also it had been my death since after my first death I became boned when I hadn’t much to boot usually high spellpower run.

Nevertheless their minions also make the last period of this finalboss a joke simply because they pretty much fill the screen with fireballs if you got all 3 of those. Originally published by Falshak :. Per web page: 15 30 Date published: 7 Sep, am. Posts: 9. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is just to be used to report spam, marketing and advertising, and difficult harassment, battling, or rude posts. All liberties set aside.

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