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1. Explore. You can find a number of hidden places in each stage. They may include gold, items, or more importantly, gear. These equipment are mostly great and certainly will save you the problem of buying equipment. One gear of note is at the beginning of this game, it is through the remaining box and if you find a way to get to the far left, you’ll find the Jumpman Suit which increases your jumping ability . Todas as áreas secretas zona 1. Nov 22,  · responses: 1. For the it’s the perfect time key achievement, should you have it at am/pm for almost any.. Answers: 2. just what are the trick accomplishments? We already vroken the title vase, We see the tips.. Answers: 0. Where tend to be the key places in part 4 dungeon 1? Answers: 1. Are you able to conquer the flaming guardian in section 5 dungeon 1?

Part 1 Dungeon 1 , aka degree 1 or Dungeon , may be the first level you play when you look at the game. It begins with some prologue about what takes place when the Evil Warlock Invades the Castle. It first starts since the Evil Warlock invades the palace and kills two guards.

After this tragic scene stops, the Dirty-Faced Soldier drops in. The master seems and commands the dirty-faced soldier to discover the proceedings. Then takes initial armor, Recruit Set. She calls out to the Dirty-Faced Soldier, outlining him that the protections were assaulting her. After this, you are tested to fight one zombie with your brand-new weapon, after beating it, you’ll move on, as you finished very first amount.

This level initially begins with a few hurdles and one zombie in the front of Dirty-Faced Soldier. After driving these obstacles and beating the zombie, there was a gate just unlockable with pushing the red pressure dish. After that component there is a mini puzzle. You are able to ignore the problem to get past that part in the event that you have Jumpman Suit in Chapter 1 Dungeon 1.

But firstly you ought to defeat a zombie to start the road. That fire trap activates every 3 seconds. After fire pitfall there is 3 zombies with dagger. But be cautious! Zombies with dagger tosses daggers at you. Once you conquer all of them, you can easily finish the degree. This degree does not actually add almost anything to the storyline.

It is just an amount showing some elements of the game like fire-protection and looking at your inventory, and it’s also really and truly just to try your ability with additional monsters and hurdles. Bonus Level may be the Bonus amount of Dungeon 3 after obtaining all 3 diamonds, this is actually the very first ever bonus amount of the overall game.

There is a jug on the ground. Then there’s an “arena” of 6 zombies and also at the end there’s about an extra coins. Additionally a button towards the top. You can’t attack in this extra degree also forbidden to use unique class capabilities. When you yourself have the Jumpman Suit or the Light Dagger and on occasion even both , they are able to certainly allow you to here.

You’ll have to use a build with great jump impulse to attain the key on the top, whenever triggered, a zombie comes down. Because you can not attack, you need to use that zombie to split the stone wall surface for your needs, it must use the benefit of 2 tries to break, additionally the diamonds are yours! Just make sure to dodge the Iron Daggers through the zombie by jumping over it, with the system on top, you can easily get harmed. Push the 2 jugs plus the one on the ground so the zombie can break those too, getting additional coins.

Then go into the “arena” of the 6 zombies and collect the coins while dodging bites and Iron Daggers. Collect the diamond by the end and the 5 coins around it, while making it to the finish line. Oxymo’s team – a staff that is 19 damage at base and 64 when totally upgraded.

Light factor staff, therefore it can help you in the future for penetrating light shields. If you receive this item, the Light Staff in Dungeon 14 isn’t also needed and will be sold for coins. Good weapon at the start of the game. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Register Don’t have a merchant account? Start a Wiki. Fan Feed 0 Armors 1 Courses 2 Achievements.

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