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Lewd Idol Project Vol. From my point of view, eroge typically occur on a spectrum. On a single part, you have got games love to Heart 2 or even the Fruit of Grisaia ; either modified into an eroge from an all-ages title, or where in fact the tale takes center phase as the H-scenes exist to greatly help develop it, the figures, and their particular relationships.

On the other end, you’ve got nukige, in which the H-scenes are the main focus, utilizing the story mainly serving to string all of them together. More out than that is mostly uncharted territory for me personally, and Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Nonetheless, it drew me in with appealing character styles and concepts, and a premise that seemed fun and interesting. The most beautiful, all-natural look the world has ever seen. Magical Marriage Lunatics follows protagonist Yuta Ushio, who is instantly approached by a beautiful woman whom tells him that after he had been a child, she made a pact to get married to him.

In the next days, the succubus princess Julia Lyn Lord also called Juli , the Tenko princess Karin Amagi, the goddess princess Yorihime Mitsunotama, together with witch princess Luluna all follow Luci. The otherworldly princesses all begin attending school alongside Yuta and Yuna, and Yuta finds himself having to pick one of the girls to marry. The options appear such as this are the only ones that are really important. Becoming a visual book, the whole game consist of reading and occasionally making choices, truly the only important choices becoming who to pay time with throughout the common course.

Nonetheless, therefore few games have actually learned the skill of jumping back into previous outlines of discussion from the backlog. Not in a position to start to see the commitment progress from the beginning takes a feeling of impact far from witnessing the ultimate culmination and hardships they face as you go along, leading to that feeling of psychological detachment.

The typical course also seems less like just one tale and much more like a number of isolated events, lacking a general feeling of continuity. The sporadic chibi CGs tend to be an excellent treat once they arise.

Finally my biggest problem with the story comes down to Yuta himself, partly for the reason that he never truly feels like a complete character to me, although once again all this might be element of my expectations becoming predicated on an entirely various style of artistic novel and it may be the norm here.

Actually, my biggest concern because of the game is it does not want to let me date Megumi. As the art and magnificence are often great, a small but annoying gripe I have may be the poses associated with the discussion sprites.

The positions of this sprites assist to build the scene, and thus for the most part they have a tendency to be positions one would typically take in an informal conversation. It might be somewhat of a nitpick, but it was positively something which irritated me playing through both games.

Finally that which you get out of this will depend on your own personal tastes and expectations with regards to visual novels and eroge, since you will find undeniably loads of what to like about it.

It’s brilliant and pretty visuals with attractive characters, and an idea that sets up for an enjoyable if you don’t necessarily specially interesting story. Sadly, the ways the story falls quick had been a large hit to it for me, while some may well not miss it just as much.

I came across that although the characters had been well-designed they generally lacked depth and usually appeared underdeveloped, along with their respective enchanting arcs. Once you understand all this work, if Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Toggle navigation. Adverts support the website by covering server and domain expenses. We’re just a group of gamers right here, as if you, performing what we love to do: playing video games and bringing y’all niche goodness.

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Magical Wedding Lunatics!!, CG Art. Showing all photos tagged Magical Marriage Lunatics!! and CG Art. Quality: All sizes · Large and better · Only large kind: Recent · Preferred · Random (Last week · Last 3 months · All time) 14 Fav. Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Safe / Tame (10) Title: Magical Marriage Lunatics!! Aliases: Choices Branching Plot Comedy Voice Replay Defloration Changeable Font twelfth grade Super Deformed CG’s Amnesia Multiple Endings Succubus Heroine Student Protagonist extended Sexual views Naked Sprites Mar 15,  · Magical Marriage Lunatics uses protagonist Yuta Ushio, that is suddenly approached by a beautiful girl just who tells him that when he was a child, she made a pact to have married to him. She shows her name’s Luci Yami Astalité, and that she’s the vampire princess from another world, and shortly afterward a big mansion on her looks behind Yuta’s home.

Patreon SubscribeStar. Yuuta is just your typical guy whom enjoys an ordinary college life together with youth friend Yuuna. Suddenly one day, a mansion appeared in their backyard, populated because of the vampire princess Luce. One by one, various other other-worldly princesses came to him, most of who had made a childhood vow is his bride when they was raised.

Hide spoilers Show minor spoilers Spoil me! Show sexual traits. However, one evening while taking a walk outside, their ordinary life will alter forever Never fear, though, because her honesty may be the real thing. Luce is significantly of a childhood opponent, and both are often quarreling about anything. Karin has traveled towards the individual globe to meet the love pact she made with Yuuta. She’ll be entering Shinonome Academy as a 2nd year student.

A beauty with a highly tuned fashion sense, she puts also most stunning succubi to shame. Folks discover her really attractive, if perhaps for her looks and reserved nature. Juli has traveled to the person globe to fulfill the love pact she created using Yuuta. In spite of her ardent love toward him, simply imagining their passionate union directs her into a nervous fit. Not like that matters, anyhow. She covers those around her in an icy and significantly sassy tone.

Also people that have an ironclad will kneel at her feet whenever met with her noble, however audacious, charm. Her self-confidence is a barbed arrow with life-threatening accuracy, though people who meet her come to observe her authentic nature. Luce has traveled into the peoples world to satisfy the love pact she made out of Yuuta. She designed to hold a ceremony the 2nd they reunited, it is rudely interrupted by some competition.

I guess this is love. She’s got a “true name,” however it can only be divulged to your one she has made a love pact with. Her doll-like face betrays no emotion.

As if anointed with porcelain, such immaculate beauty only acts to highlight this impression. Luluna features traveled to your peoples world to meet the love pact she fashioned with Yuuta.

When confronting Yuuta, this stoic mask falls and a gentle flush colors her cheeks. She will be entering Shinonome Academy as a 1st 12 months student. Gods can fall in love, too. Not surprisingly of a celestial being, she is the embodiment of kindness. Becoming a goddess, her energy transcends everything in existence. Much to her dismay, men and women have recently started to drop their faith. Yorihime has actually traveled to the human being world match the love pact she made with Yuuta.

Discovering the feeling referred to as love has been a joyous experience on her behalf. She will be entering Shinonome Academy as a 3rd year pupil. She’s understood Yuuta well since childhood, because they were next-door next-door neighbors. She cherishes the “proposal” or something like that along those lines that Yuuta built to her when they had been young ones.

It might suggest the planet to the nice and easy girl if this love could finally bloom. This woman is a second year student at Shinonome Academy. Consumer menu Login Password reset Register. Report a concern about this page. Magical Marriage Lunatics!! This picture has been flagged as: Sexual: Suggestive Violence: Tame Show me anyhow This warning may be disabled in your account. You may be a shithead. You might be Mister Shit. The shit controls you.

In reality, you’re absolutely nothing but shit. Information Yuuta is just your typical man which enjoys a regular college life along with his childhood buddy Yuuna.

Brave , Closet Pervert , Kind , Defensive. Clumsy , Deredere , Bashful , Watashi. Description “Hmmhmm Cooking , Dimensional Travel , Swimming , Teasing. Information “we swore to you first Description “Merely by looking at you, my pulse increases by twenty music, and my human body temperature rises by 1 / 2 a qualification, causing a subtle perspiration. Deredere , Type , Processed , Religious , Watakushi. Dimensional Travel , Browsing , Religion , Cycling.

Information “A truth unknown to humans huge tits , Pale , Slim , Teen. Description “N-No method. Mom , Queen Regnant , Succubus , Wife. Definition Julia ‘s mommy. De gozaru , Loyal , Protective , Wagahai. Cleaning , Cooking , Dimensional Travel.