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JavaScript seems becoming disabled in your web browser. You must have JavaScript allowed in your web browser to make use of the functionality of this web site. Audiobook Download. Creator C. Lewis Narrator Geoffrey Howard Runtime 5. Availability: Unrestricted available all over the world.

Mere Christianity is C. Lewis’ powerful and available doctrine of Christian belief. First heard as informal radio broadcasts and then posted as three individual books – The Case for Christianity, Christian Behavior, and Beyond individuality – Mere Christianity offers exactly what Lewis views because the fundamental truths of this faith.

Information Mere Christianity is C. Rejecting the boundaries that divide Christianity’s numerous denominations, C. Lewis discovers a typical floor on which dozens of that have Christian trust can stand together, proving that “at the middle of each there is something, or a some body, whom against all divergences of belief, all distinctions of temperament, all memories of shared persecution, talks with similar voice.

Buyer Reviews. Outstanding honesty and courage. This is easily one of the better audiobooks I’ve previously listened to. Content is brilliant for everybody – I’d recommend anybody from atheist to life-long believer to listen. Well read, engaging voice.

This will be a novel I’ll plan to tune in to each year for the rest of my life. Mere Christianity is simply the best guide I have previously read or heard! Recommend for almost any believer or seeker. A truly excellent one from C. Lewis regarding the first concepts of Christian faith.

a way to obtain some the essential widely used Lewis quotes and images. You simply will not be disappointed. Great guide. I like the narrator’s vocals. Although i really do perhaps not trust all, at the very least we trust many. CS Lewis’ conversational style, clever insights and important conversation of just what Christianity means and what Christians believe is merely a pleasure to listen to. I laughed, I was thinking, and I also truly enjoyed this entire book. The reasoning right here in only Christianity is Lewis at their most useful It is not a great deal to say that Lewis’ insight is timeless.

I actually listened to the audiobook and read the paperback together — this helped me to keep most of the product i do believe. I really look for myself quoting out of this guide lots — so anything will need to have caught.

We get in my interactions with people that many misconceptions and grief can be avoided when we only took the full time to stop and think. This book will help you do that. This book is much more of a marathon that a sprint.

I came across myself being forced to read one chapter and then put it down seriously to allow my mind to know just what was stated and to ponder the ramifications. This is actually one thing that i did so not like about the sound book version. The files were really big and covered many chapters, and I also discovered it tough to get my spot as soon as I stopped and tried to start once more. Perhaps the audio recordings could possibly be converted to part length files — i believe this might help a whole lot. The narrator in the audio book had been a good choice as he actually seems like I would personally imagine CS Lewis to sound, and that brought it more to life.

Mere Christianity is a book this is certainly appropriate a non-Christian or brand new Christian to see as it describes Christianity well, not from a Biblical stance, but instead from logic together with world around us all. Furthermore suitable for mature Christians, due to the fact level of thought is challenging.

I will probably look at this guide over and over through the sleep of my entire life, and thoroughly recommend any one else to do the exact same.

These are the ones which will lose out. Geoffrey Howard is the narrator for this sound book. I haven’t browse the book it self however, and also have it sitting back at my bookshelf. Regrettably, when I was hearing the narrator’s presentation of the text, I find myself becoming disinterested in reading the guide.

There are two parts for this. The very first is simply that it appears much more philosophical, of which at the moment i am not very interested in. I’m sure, however, that We’ll discover that interest piqued once again in the near future. The 2nd component, sadly, is the narration with this audio book. I am aware that I have a history of finding narrators to be bland or mechanical, however it is a reputable concern to present.

If mp3 audiobooks should move ahead as a viable alternative to ingest the materials effectively, then your narration has to improve vastly. Mere Christianity is one of those books that you hear about all the time. Many have revealed the user friendliness of his arguments while referring to the level of his conclusions in the same breath. Perhaps the reviews currently provided on this website applaud this work.

I possibly could sing the praises for this book too because I felt that there have been little light bulbs coming on as I encountered each new point as Lewis finished a few circuits within my brain, but personally i think that i have to mention more than the book. The fact I encountered this guide in sound form has played into my satisfaction of this guide. Mere Christianity ended up being originally a series of radio broadcasts.

In order we listened to the recording, we nearly believed like I became enjoying Lewis giving those original broadcasts. We strongly recommend this book, but more extremely i suggest the sound form of this book. There are several books you relish the thought of reviewing, and also this needs to be one of those. That is effectively the edited transcript of a number of radio sessions C. Lewis provided in their trip through belief, plus it reads extremely obviously.

Lewis is profoundly rational. Lewis do the conversing. I truly would suggest this to any person. New Christians, non-Christians, those who have been Christians for decades — this guide will motivate and challenge you.

I acquired this audiobook at no cost from christianaudio. So what can be said in support of or against C. Lewis who has not been said currently?

By keeping the main topics Christianity at such a broad amount, Lewis features penned possibly the most crucial book concerning the standard beliefs that must be held by a Christian if they are to phone Christ their particular Lord and Savior.

This is simply not therefore. If Genesis a person is incorrect, then John isn’t real. If God would not create from the ground upwards, then Christ do not need to come and perish for our sins. We realize this can be an oversimplification associated with the point, but it is however real. There are many other areas for which we disagree with Lewis, but that’s the good thing about Mere Christianity, one can disagree and however discover typical surface in Christ that brings us all collectively.

Irrespective of his evolutionary accept origins, we appreciated their candor in handling might opinions of Christianity. Their chapter on sexual morality ought to be read by every Christian into the church today. His knowledge of sinful guy getting brand-new animals in Christ continues to be another part that should be look over. Lewis places that misnomer to bed and exhorts all to look to Christ in order to find the energy in Him to worry about your self instead of others.

When you have never look at this guide, you will be incorrect! Even with his views of evolution throughout, this book needs become read. For numerous Christians these days, you want to divide over additional and tertiary doctrinal problems. Mere Christianity really helps to bring the discussion back again to the basic principles and often times that’s where we must not merely begin, but remain.

In only Christianity, C. S Lewis lays out the case when it comes to values which can be central to all the limbs of Christianity. It’s for good reasons that this book has grown to become so popular. Lewis features an effective way with words and does well at describing some big concepts in available ways. Lots of times he said things in a fashion that actually made me think, particularly in relation to the partnership between faith and morality.

There are several social distinction between the time Lewis was writing and our time, both in a number of the illustrations utilized plus in the arguments for God men and women find powerful. Despite these distinctions, the guide still has much rendering it worth reading both for Christians and those interested in Christianity.

It was great to know somebody with an Uk accent narrating the guide provided Lewis is British but most narrators appear to be United states. Lewis is probably among the best-known Christian minds from the 20th Century.

A lot of his works are already considered classics in Christian literature, including Mere Christianity. It has been said that classics tend to be books that everybody really loves and no body reads. I am hoping that is not the situation because of this book. Lewis offers a book in regards to the Christian faith this is certainly component philosophy, part homiletic, and all sorts of apologetic.

My just hesitation with this specific sound book is Lewis’ ecumenism along with his brief depiction of Jesus as a Jesus who dangers, which is extremely similar to the modern Open Theism and stems from Arminianism if you tend to be Arminian, may very well not mind.


Mere christianity audio download.Mere Christianity : Free Audio : download free, Borrow and Streaming : Web Archive

Jan 17,  · Mere Christianity. Mere Christianity is a theological guide by C. S. Lewis, modified from a number of BBC radio talks made between and , while Lewis is at Oxford during the 2nd World War. Considered a classic of Christian apologetics, the transcripts associated with the broadcasts originally starred in print as three individual pamphlets: the situation. May 01,  · install or Stream immediately a lot more than 55, audiobooks. Hear “Mere Christianity” on the iOS and Android product. Don’t have an iOS or Android os device, then tune in in your browse on any PC or Mac computer/5(). Mar 08,  · C. S. Lewis Mere Christianity study by Rolf Vetter 3 Three elements of Morality grab M C. S. Lewis Mere Christianity browse by Rolf Vetter 4 Forgiveness, Faith, Hope, and Charity download.

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Once you have heard Howard read it, you begin to believe Lewis is sitting there talking to you. He totally ‘gets’ it.

I feel bad providing such a guide just three stars, but that is when it comes to narration. Reviewer: habanany – favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite – December 25, topic: great brain, high in common sense enjoying it, great sound quality, Rolf Vetter did a great task.