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There are three forms of workers that may be gathered: standard, rare, and extremely unusual. Characters from well understood and preferred anime have a tendency to fall under the unusual look group. The rarer an employee is, the greater the stats is. The stats and talents that include a worker will always be random. When summoning two of the identical personality with the same stars, one might have a far better cooking stat, although the other have a better appeal stat. Also, they could have various skills, such as for instance one getting the ‘Speed Up’ skill while another has ‘Seduction’.

Listed here is the in-game information regarding the stats:. Achieving a stat of either in associated with the three above skills unlocks a special characteristic for employees:. Energy is what employees need to do numerous tasks.

The utmost energy of a worker is dependent upon their stars, level, and rarity. Cooks require power to cook dishes, with every dish ingesting a group number of power. Waiters slowly drop their particular energy because they offer food and clean tables though this has however to be validated, assisting waiters clear tables may save yourself them energy. Entertainers lose energy while they attract clients. To restore a worker’s energy, provide them with Energy Drinks, or deliver them into the upstairs break area to recuperate.

There are specific decorations that can be positioned in the break room so they can recover faster. Waiters and Entertainers will immediately go upstairs into the break room whenever their energy reaches 0 and will also automatically return to work once it’s all recovered.

It’s important to keep an eye on the energy of this employees, and now have them turn taking pauses as essential, specially considering that the break area can take just a specific amount of staff members. Energy drinks can be acquired daily by donating gold to Reimu, marketing and advertising, doing short-term work, rewarding accomplishments, completing jobs, earning all of them from events or purchasing these with Diamonds.

The most degree of a worker depends upon their star score and color. The larger the stars, amount, and colour of the card, the greater exp combining that card gives. Combining employees can get costly, especially when using top quality cards. To avoid investing too much gold, it’s suggested to make use of XP tomes very first. Combining has the possibility to alter an employee’s card shade.

When an employee gains a unique shade, they could have greater stats and an increased maximum level than their particular gray counterparts. To have a higher potential for changing a worker’s color, it is best to combine staff members of the same title. For example, incorporating two grey Saber’s with another gray Saber increases the possibilities for a color improvement in the latter. This is exactly why, it is best to hold onto low star characters for usage in combining with higher star characters of the identical name.

It’s also not recommended to mix workers into characters less than 4 performers. You will find 3 achievements you can claim by changing the color of a worker. Rare and Ultra-Rare workers have actually exceptional stats, extremely high optimum power, and unique garments. Raising a worker’s affection can be done in some means. Giving them an amiable pat in the head is the simplest way, though this may just raise their affection by 1 everytime it is done.

If their mind is patted once more too-soon, they will certainly pout and love isn’t raised. It is suggested to pat their head at least twice working towards completing accomplishments related to head patting. Occasionally you will observe icons above their head. An icon of a maid uniform indicates that they are planning to request garments. An icon of a heart formed current package shows a present request. Going for a gift at this point outcomes in double the affection things.

Though workers like a particular gift, currently, the speech bubble that occasionally appears when a worker talks as to what they like is bugged the bubble will state “I fancy” along with the rest being blank. Depending on the staff member’s character kind, giving specific gifts that attract that variety of character will award even more love.

Make reference to the Affection Chart to ascertain which gift suggestions are best to offer for which personality. Affection impacts the cafe evaluation rating, but it’s also important to own for certain jobs and accomplishments. Some jobs, especially the SP Guest tasks, needs purchasing a specific clothing product, which costs diamonds, but could additionally simply be bought and prepared by a worker with similar number of hearts the clothes requires to be able to put on.

A member of staff with complete affection 5 minds can also be set as the preferred worker, and turns up alongside the cafe owner when seeing other people’s cafes, or when in a family hallway. The skills are randomized and that can simply be swapped making use of a magic luckycat.

Making use of the secret luckycat causes a roulette wheel to spin, and pressing the option to stop the roulette should determine the skill.

Though maybe not impossible, it is difficult to stop the roulette on a rare skill. The unique abilities perform similar to the abilities attained from having things in every of this stats, and improves the employee’s capabilities in one of three careers:. The most common associated with the special cook abilities are the ones with to be able to trigger a flawless meal within each of the provided meals groups. A dish with a flawless finish by a food master will have a sparkle impact while on a cabinet.

The unusual abilities are only obtained from magic luckycats. The sole unique ability that can immediately come with a member of staff is Speed Up. All the remainder can only just be obtained through a magic luckycat. Truly the only unique ability that can immediately include an employee is Seduction. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In do not have a merchant account? Begin a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.


Moe girl cafe characters.Emoticon Addiction ๐Ÿ˜‰

May 13, ย ยท if you’re an admirer of manga or anime, you’ll not be able to dismiss this interesting game. Moe Girl Cafe 2 owns many famous characters such Miss Tsundere, preferred hot women, Mission-E, Lolita demon eyes and several extremely stunning goddesses for you really to select. It is possible to speak to your preferred character directly to get more interactive items/5(). MakeGirlsMoe – Create Anime Characters with A.I.! Automatically generate an anime character with your customization. You are able to specify some qualities such as blonde locks, twin end, laugh, etc. Oct 02, ย ยท Features of Moe Girl Cafe games: โ€“ + anime characters. โ€“ Design and develop a anime cafe with stunning design. โ€“ Dress up your staff any way you’d like with different clothing. โ€“ Customize and choose most of your program meals. โ€“ Visit random cafe of individual all over the world, leave messages, add pals and ‘like’ their cafes.

If We level up d staff n d coin will get too. Can u explain? D number of coin are d payment for d staff or what? Thx :. If you level up your staff, they’re going to perform better! Waitresses and cooks will likely be quicker.

Hosts will attract even more customers. Your staff gets compensated monthly using the money you get. You could use your money to level up recipes and purchase furniture!

My invite code is 9U My login name is makosan. Kindly invite me! Hello, i was newly signed up in Moe Cafe, I wanted to ask where you should place the invitation signal? Hello guysss : assist me kindly “some one is caught.

Master please transform the layout” just what features mean??? I don’t learn how to combine staff? Nothing turns up even though I click place all but I’m sure there was enough staff :c please help. Thank youu. It really is so irritating I can’t get it to your workplace. When you go in to the Staff section, select the housemaid you intend to “upgrade”, and you will have a combine switch regarding the part!

Hello, uhmm.. You really had to make one of your staff the only who you wish to vanish be a “stand by” then go right to the other staff usually the one who you need to stay and do the blend thing. I am hoping this will assist you to. It will be immediately under Invite! You have to hold growing your cafe. The second time you are doing you are permitted I believe one more cook. But broadening is a bit pricey. Tnx ahead of time.

I’m obtaining the exact same issue! I don’t stupefied means like surprised, but how do I surprise my staff???? If you tap on the head it surprises them, in addition they resume working. This one is harder to obtain given that it’s arbitrary.

How exactly to place an invite signal if i did not put it while I subscribe? I am the only just who posted it. I know already the clear answer or just how to get it done. The most number of chefs it is possible to employ will boost as you increase your cafe.

For instance, when you stage your cafe from two to three, the maximum cook will go from 2 to 4 Hope this can help :. I acquired this one quest, to stupify the employees a lot of time? What does this mean exactly? Sometimes dishes have actually a pulsing glow.. What does this mean? I have viewed to see if maybe it really is my primary meals which were bought but no.. We take it grey is typical basic staff. Hey, uhmm.. Hello, we have two concerns. How would we boost my clients for starters month? I tried advertising but it just increased my popularity.

Additionally it is hard to compute my income and expenditures.. would you kindly provide myself some advice? You’ll get 30 credits employing this invitation signal everytime. As well as the new player will even get 60 FREE credits. Does anybody learn how to expand the cafe? I know there’s a button but I cannot klick about it if i actually do that nothing takes place.

Have actually I anything to do before of expanding? Click the design key. Beside the “place” option, there may be “expand” option. It costs k for the first time. I tested out whether I could get 2 originals utilizing the credits hire draw and would reset the app every time I didn’t get 2 originals in identical draw. Once I would go back to the game I would return the credits therefore the girls we hired with those credits went back to the system.

I tried this several times and now I don’t even 1 original each and every time I do that cheat. How will you use the rules? Perhaps you could ask myself: MW6W8. My pal code is NU5C and my name regarding the game is Vampkitty. I am not sure if I’m having problems back at my buddies list but Everytime I pull it up it states i’ve no pals and I also’ve been wanting to add folks. So be sure to try to include me so we can all help eachother get moe cash lol. Yor tables tend to be full.

People arrive and out because there’s no location to sit. I know this was probably found out, but just how do we enter invitation codes whenever we didn’t achieve this initially during the sign-up screen for the software?

Anyone understand? Which can be the Better staff card red or gold? And,what’s the chances of upgrading a cards celebrity of via combination.

We have maybe not had the opportunity to find where you should place in the rule I have made a number of brand-new pages and been mindful trying to find it.

We played this a couple years ago and don’t forget becoming in a position to invite. Please assist anybody. I possibly could use your signal. You gotta wait for the merchant. He got all the goodies and decorations, althought he only comes every 4 months. Head to business and you will find a couple of choices. If 6ou have actually obtained furniture from completing a mission, it visits the storehouse. If you want to search for products,tap business and go right to the shop. Company button turns up in the bottom right of the screen.

It keeps saying community mistake i have attempted restarting and uninstalling the overall game then signing back in its no longer working i can not also make a new account. Help please. I am a big fan of informal gaming to my smaller products phone, tablet when I’m not on the computer thus I’m constantly searching for attractive games i will play on the run.

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