Otro trago sech letra.Otro Trago (Remix) (English Tranaslation) Lyrics


Otro trago sech letra.Otro Trago (remix) (part. Darell, Nicky Jam, Ozuna y Anuel AA)


Soñando Despierto.Letra de Otro Trago (ft Darell) – Sech


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okay, first got it! Today she does exactly what she wishes when she wants Oh-oh and in case she don’t want to, you’re a different one just who gets screwed too Here we go again! Let me just take you and ride you in the red Mercedes You got that right; red You planning to get excited You get excited; hah! For which you blush beside me right here we go again! When you forget everything bad he performed to you personally Forget it, it’s been a while since he forgot about yourself that is correct I like to keep you, baby, I want to become your boyfriend Oh-oh You are pretty together with your stunning human body Hah!

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Otro trago sech letra.OTRO TRAGO: Acordes y Letra con el fin de Guitarra, Ukulele, Bajo y Piano (Sech)

Initial lyrics of Otro Trago (Remix) (English Tranaslation) song by Sech. Describe your form of track meaning, discover more of Sech lyrics. Watch official movie, print or download text in PDF. Comment and share your favourite words. Acordes de Otro Trago, Sech: Letra y Acordes de Guitarra. Sigue aquí tomándose otro trago Su ex-novio con otra está (Ah-ah) Los amigos subieron un estado (Ah-ah). Jul 23,  · The words for Otro Trago by Sech task. Darell were translated into 17 languages. Sigue aquí tomándose otro trago Su ex-novio con otra está (Ah-ah) Los amigos subieron un .

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She actually is nonetheless here taking another chance. Her ex boyfriend has been another girl Ah-ah. Los amigos subieron un estado Ah-ah-ah. Her friends published a status Ah-ah-ah. Que hoy de farra se van. That today they’re going drinking. He changed you although you’re a lot better than her No-no-no-no, oh-oh. Por mujeres y un par de botella’ No-no-no-no, oh-oh. For women and a pair of bottles. No-no-no-no, oh-oh. Por amigos que no boy amigos en verda’ En verda’, Ice.

For pals who’ren’t truly pals ‘ actually’, Ice. Because I know they’re going to write to you as he makes. Every person go directly to the discotheque. Y ahora a lo oscuro y sin disimulo. And today in the dark and without hiding it Oh-oh. Forgetting the grief, we caught her Ah.

Ahora hace lo que quiere, cuando quiere Oh-oh. Now she does exactly what she wants whenever she wants to Oh-oh. And in case you will not want to, you’ll be another which gets given. If the DJ leaves regarding the music that is it. Ella baila como nunca Pa’ que sepa. She dances like nothing you’ve seen prior you understand it. Y ahora a lo oscuro y sin disimulo Oh-oh. And today in the dark and without dissimulation Oh-oh.

If the DJ leaves regarding the music. Ahora hace lo que quiere, cuando quiere. Today she does what she desires, when she wants. Stop that shit, nigga. Today on her behalf the times tend to be grey That’s like that. Because her mornings are not delighted Ah! Lo que eran beso’, ahora son cicatrice’ Pa’ que sepa. Exactly what had been kisses, now they’re scars and that means you know.

Deja que yo te coja y te monte en la Mercede’ roja. I’d like to simply take you and install you in debt Mercedes. Voy a que eso abajo se te moja Se te moja. I’ll move you to wet down there You get wet. Pa’ que conmigo te sonroja’. Mientra’ de to’ lo malo te despoja. When you strip yourself of all bad. Hazle la maleti’. That includes long since forgotten in regards to you That’s such as this. Yo quiero financiarte, ma’. I would like to finance you, ma. Yo quiero darte el peti’ Oh-oh. I would like to give you the peti Oh-oh.

You are pretty together with your small human body Ah! And that tummy with increased bins than Tetris. Baby, what you look? The next day, we breakfast, Fruity Loops Oh my god. I’m going to screw both you and you know it Ah! Entramo’ al cuarto pero no apague la lu’. We get into the room but don’t turn fully off the light. Que yo vo’ a castigarte e’ por tu mala actitu’. I’m going to punish you, it really is for the bad attitude. Forgetting the grief we caught her. If the DJ places the music. Once the DJ sets the music, songs.

Ella se va hasta abajo con todo su group’ Woh-oh. She decreases with all her gang Woh-oh. Ahora baila, fuma, toma sola Sola. Today she dances, smokes, drinks alone Alone. Llega a la casa y no le dicen na’. He arrives at the home and they usually do not say nothing ‘. Que vida, pa’ que nunca se la acabe a ella. Just what a life, so that it never comes to an end to her.

She actually is intoxicated but she asks for another bottle. Es que a esa hora tiene la nota en alta. Is the fact that during those times she has the note in high.

La felicidad en ella resalta. The pleasure in her stands apart. And from now on in the dark and without dissimulation That’s ‘like that. Forgetting the grief, I caught her.

Sech Sech. The real change you heard, infant. Panama and Puerto Rico. Tell myself Flow, ow-ow-ow-ow. Oye baby, dile al noviecito tuyo. Hi baby, inform your little boyfriend. He’s the only with all the genuine change. Relatar um problema. Last tasks L. Final edit by Lorena M. Synced by Seok Dajhani. Translated by Lee Germino. Edit interpretation. More lyrics from the record. Exclusive offer get fully up to three months of free songs. News you might be thinking about. Musixmatch for Spotify and Apple musical is available for your computer Grab now.