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We focus on detailed help guide to build your army of women from scratch. Spend food to improve tank degree quickly until Lv35, and promote her with material and codon Requires player Lv25! After advertising absolutely nothing can challenge your squad before with correct gear put in.

They are proficient at desert chart such as chapter 5, or if you wish to develop a heavy container, Purple Renault B1 bis also a great choice and she will behave as hefty scout with. A few Purple you can look at at the beginning of online game :.

Initially 6 stages in tier 1 technology are inexpensive and it is encourage to advance all tech to tier first stage of tier 2 to unlock the tree. You always go out of plans or codon early so just research the apparatus that will put in on your own main squad. Unlike ammo and armor, many steel Maiden can only put in one kind of framework and engine, making all of them impossible to counter some type of Terrain results.

There are 16 stages for every single tier. Tier 1 technology improves all women, Tier 2 for Purple and Gold , and tier 3 is Gold only. Once you have a BWMG Depot, a quest will provide you with , and , spend them carefully, you can build lots of “all 30” to get more Purple unit, or “all 90” for the possibility of N4 unit. Take note that every treatments have to be able to be material maiden or gear, but never ever fail. For more refactor formula read here [1]. You need a T meatshield in most squad to safeguard other light armor unit, and a beneficial meatshield should :.

In order to max damage result, they should prevent these terrain penalty if possible Swamp from dust maps is certainly not something you can dismiss in belated maps. Only 1 terrain impact “wet” can decrease your recognition good scout should have plenty of interior and unique slots for. Heavy team is poor in certain maps such road and soil forest. As we have SPG in team this is certainly smart to invest on some too because they share light armor tech.

The terrain is not that dangerous in this chart is lawn slope , to be able to win an or S in this chart, your armor, firepower and penetration needs to be large, amount up technology, 3 movie stars , improve or build N Dirt forest maps and snowfall road It is far better to start creating these before map Not only dirt forest, another challenge is focusing on. Very first is hitting you hard, and 23 is you cant hit them hard sufficient. M3 Half-track is an inexpensive but of good use device for and , offer her both cabin and pray she will constantly strike 3 objectives No need to pass all nodes and see your staff can overcome to manager or not – just look at the first node, if you have difficulty truth be told there, then chances are you haven’t any opportunity always check everything you leak of, using too-much damage?

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Panzer waltz best tanks.Panzer Waltz Tips, Tricks & Technique Guide to beat Your opponents – Level champion

Guide. I present to you the somewhat comprehensive Raid preparing Guide. There’s been various threads recently regarding this and I also imagine as increasing numbers of individuals succeed truth be told there it will be useful to have a very good directory of tanks which will nudge your team towards making Raid requirements while keeping landscapes and ammo choices in consideration. N5 Stuka zu Fuss. N6 Weasel Infantry Car. N4 BT N6 M41GTI light tank. N1 Panzer 35 (t) N2 Panzer 38 (t) Ausf.A. N3 Panzer 38 (t) Ausf.D. N4 Panzer 38 (t) Ausf.G. N3 Panzer II Ausf.F. May 15,  · F: Soma S M26 Pershing Sherman MK-V Panzer IV Ausf H and Ausf G Cromwell MK-VI A34 Comet. Light Tanks. S: BT7M: most likely the best specialized scout light tank however in Meta for late game, very helpful for late game raids and PvP as a result of among the best calculated Reading Time: 8 mins.

If you are perhaps not enthusiastic about meta gaming while having no intentions on clearing raids or be competitve in PvP, dont watch this number, may cause salt,you were warned.

S level: the very best at some thing, or capable of doing many functions at the same times with little to no to no drawbacks, frequently considered Overpowered. A Tier:Good choice, useful in many cases or very good in specific functions however with some downsides. C Tier : as well-known demand an additional tier have been included, reasoning will be missing as they are going to be usually weaker form of greater level tanks or simply sub-optimal stats.

Usable in case of high investment of technology and equips. F Tier: meme tanks who has exceptionally bad stats, very away from meta or simply bad more often than not excluded reasonable rarity ones as N3 and lower recommended to prevent these unless trolling or waifu factors. Note: every tank with, hardly any exclusions has actually weaknesses for some maps debuffs, such drawbacks would be noted only when required. I am going to not record every tanks ingame also many , just the notable ones, every other tank maybe not detailed can be viewed C level or reduced.

Almost should have since she will be used in most map while however capable of doing some dmg in close range, downsides are just about negligible. She actually is also beneficial in raids. Downsides tend to be nearly worthless engine and weird ammo alternatives. Just like bat-chat but with worse unpleasant stats and much better dura, weird mix of motor and framework make her clunky to make use of. Downside is she heavily depend on skills. Probably gamebreaking if Max skill N6 become a thing. Quite lackluster in PvP as a result of lacking Frag and terrible Dura with mediocre stealth.

She’s quite bad tar so might require good equips. Just N6 skills dragging her down. Her pen is quite low therefore in today’s PvP meta she might struggle. Drawbacks are very bad stealth, especially Achilles and both need a lot of advanced rammers, making them very hard to field at full potential if you’re not into the late game.

She actually is extremely expensive to abilities and possess very little various other uses outside of road. Very good potential with greater skill cap. Downsides are extremely costly to equip precisely, she is fundamentally end online game material. Additionally her stealth and offensive abilities are lower than ideal. Her toughness is ok. Downsides are reduced stealth and very reduced equip slot machines might cripple her without a separate team and build.

Thinking about the ATG competitors she’s an S but considering the rest of the classes this woman is a probably an A. she’s mediocre stats and scaling with a wide and weird ammo selection away from which few ammo are great.

Her motor is practically useless and the SPg chassis is more a downside than whatever else since she have to contend with various other SPG as opposed to ATG and in that situation she lose badly in the event that you consider her HE or temperature. However the very good stealth and TAr make her a significant option for Street or mountains if ever you might want to dump over mats to create her. Sign in. Sign into the account. Forgot your code?

Online Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your code. Panzer Waltz. Panzer Waltz tier number This level listing is subjective, predicated on experience on Global host. B level : functional in some compositions or particular maps, numerous drawbacks. A: -Type 97 Shinhoto: most readily useful pure scout ingame by absolute recognition, she entirely are lacking any unpleasant stat and die too often when it comes to emperor.

C: Mk. Require lots of financial investment in RP could be the only drawback. A: -OBJ double framework and great stats make her functional in street and snow maps, furnish slot machines tend to be a bit weird but could be very strong, she are lacking tar and stealth. B: -T finest offensive stats ingame , will possibly be S Tier when more than 96 eagles will be feasible to get , atm she is still outclassed by one other N5 spgs but not by much, major downside Tar and stealth and may be properly used only in Plains.

A: -Archer: one of the better close range dps in early online game and still usable belated online game, just outclassed by S tier Lavs in Rocky road. Marder III Ausf. May 30, Kings Raid Beginner Guide February 4, Grand Summoners Tier list Guide June 23,