Pokemon uranium the labyrinth.Lanthanite Cave


Pokemon uranium the labyrinth.The Labyrinth


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Concealed above a waterfall lies the elusive Lanthanite Core. This quick cave links Silverport Town to Route there is certainly an additional percentage of this cave that is entirely separate that begins on Route 16 Second photo.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Check in do not have a free account? Start a Wiki. Would you such as this video clip? Play Sound. Lanthanite Cave “Crazy Missingno. Internal of Lanthanite Cave. Map information. Places in Tandor. Groups :. Fan Feed 0 Download 1 Dunseraph 2 Metalynx. Universal Conquest Wiki. No music discovered. Entry to Lanthanite Cave. Map information This location is certainly not described by a map. Unknown-type professional Gym.

Linking areas. Path Silverport Town. Hyper Potion. Icy Rock. TM72 Avalanche. On an ice floe in a lake into the second cave. Requires Surf. TM13 Ice Beam. Southern of sliding problem space in the 2nd cave. TM75 Swords Dance. Atop the waterfall closest towards the Silverport entrance. Needs Surf and Waterfall. SE of sliding problem room. Mystic Water. Nearby the Lanthanite Core entry. Maximum Revive. NW of the Mystic Liquid.


Pokemon uranium the labyrinth.The Labyrinth | Pokémon Uranium Wiki | Fandom

Labyrinth Cave Map. Once you’ve beaten Theo, mind north in to the Labyrinth. Before you leave this cave it really is worth going out of the right path for some items (especially since Mega development is originating quickly!). From the entrance, get on water and Surf north. You’ll find the Life Orb. It really is a held product that improves the energy of moves, but during the price of HP per assault. Pokémon Uranium is a free fangame manufactured in RPG Maker XP and Pokémon basics. The video game takes place in the Tandor area, where in fact the player must gather 8 Gym Badges so that you can participate within the Tandor Regional Championship. Along the way, the gamer should also refill their PokéDex using the entries of greater than various types of Pokémon. This new Official Residence when it comes to preferred Pokemon Fan online game Pokemon Uranium, that includes Forum!

Steep cliffs were made obtainable by stairs jutting from the coastline, while a single connective bridge crosses the island’s iconic headland bay, eroded by several years of beating waves. Be sure to consume the panoramic places into the northwestern part, simply seek the signpost.

It has remained uninhabited, and a lonely thin road winds through its thick forest. A cave entrance to The Labyrinth lies concealed inside the woodland, leading explorers deep into Maskara Island.

After beating Rosalind when you look at the Venesi Gym :. If the player decided to go with Orchynx :. In the event that player chose Raptorch :. If the player selected Eletux :. After beating him, Theo will stay here. Upon speaking-to him again, he’ll offer another rematch. His staff won’t have changed or advanced in amount. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don’t have a merchant account?

Start a Wiki. Route 13 “Wild Missingno. Locations in Tandor. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 Install 1 Dunseraph 2 Metalynx. Universal Conquest Wiki. Map description The mysterious Maskara Island. Unknown-type specialist Gym. Connecting places. The Labyrinth. Venesi City. Area Location of Route 13 in East Tandor.

Hyper Potion. TM02 Dragon Claw. Because of the berry tree spot, west of Dragon Tamer Dovak. Lum Berry. Sitrus Berry. Shuca Berry. Chople Berry. Passho Berry. TM87 Swagger. Down a side course south regarding the Cool few, across a small pond. Southeast regarding the route, from the coastline right before Venesi City. Fishing Old Rod. Fishing Good Rod. Fishing Super Rod. Psychic Gerard Reward: Richboy Deep Reward: Lady Angelica Reward: Hiker Horton Reward: Dragon Tamer Dovak Reward: Pyromaniac Roger Reward: Psychic Cureau Reward: Super Scientist Doug Reward: Path 13 – Maskara Island.

Reward: Ability :. Solid or Rock Head. Held product:. Steel Whip. Remove. Steel Sound. Soundproof or Sound Boost. Zen Headbutt. Nasty Plot. Evening Slash. Flame Burst. Poison Point or Poison Touch. Poison Jab. Poison Fang. Knock Off. Magnetic Increase. Rain Dance. Big Pecks or Analytic.

Air Slash. Hyper Voice. Sand Veil or Shell Armor. Muddy Water. Bubble Beam. Healer or Poison Touch. Guts or Mold Breaker. Bone Rush. Drain Punch. Battle Armor. Iron Defense. Swords Dance. Leaf Blade. Iron Tail. Swarm or Natural Treat. Assisting Hand. Confuse Ray. Bloodstream Lust. Poison Sting. Drain Lifetime. Giga Empty. Leech Lifestyle. Dragon Claw. Feather Dance. Cursed System or Shadow Tag. Linkite Lv. Shadow Sneak. Shadow Claw. Soreness Separate. Flame System.

Flame Impact.