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Nicholas could be the primary personality in Rails of Highland Valley. He’s got a best buddy known as Will. Nicholas is a hardworking and dependable locomotive. Although he’s typically friendly, he sometimes gets grumpy and cranky, usually by their pals’ antics.

He can also get impatient or nervous when he is like he’s in a hurry and contains to attend too much time for everything. He also hates running late or becoming element of equipment techniques, as he would rather be pulling a train.

Nonetheless, he has a sense of humor and may quickly brighten their pals’ day. He is frequently used for residents and switching tasks, but he also pulls mainline freights regularly, which he enjoys. He likes pulling trains through the night, because the evening air brightens him up. He additionally enjoys record, particularly U. background, and sometimes gives History classes to his pals. Nicholas ended up being later on confronted by Dave and Larry, where they threatened to just take him towards the scrapyard before his buddies could actually shoo all of them away.

In Run to Revenge , he didn’t believe the machines that informed him in regards to the takeover plan. When he got back to Highland Valley, he was endangered by their pals, just who dropped sufferers to brainwashing before he stored them.

Also later, he had been taken by Arika and Dennis to your scrapyard before he escaped with his pals. He later unbrainwashed Mr. After returning, he persuaded every person not to ever stop trying. In Break Time , he and Ryusei were assigned to simply take a freight train to Pittsburgh , but got sidetracked by a load of game titles in just one of the boxcars.

In Difficult preparation , he had been having some trouble finding presents for everybody. In Rivalry regarding the railway , he was the essential affected by Kerry and Shawletter’s quarrel. Later on in Tale of a J Class , he had been out all night working with Eileen. After being awaken and teased by Lily, he got angry. After delivering a freight train to Roanoke with Henry and Kara , he paid attention to Barry’s life story. In Highland Valley Hobos , he had been using a grain train to east Pennsylvania whenever as they ended at a red signal, somebody pretending become a hobo begged him to offer him a ride.

Nicholas hesitantly agreed, and then determine later on it was only a strategy the remainder Highland Valley gang played on him. Nicholas got teased about this before he came ultimately back as a result by playing a trick on Spencer and Jared. In Sleepover , he was stuck at Highland Valley while Lily, Marie, and Lilim had their particular sleepover, in which he was drawn into a lot of their shenanigans. This scared Nicholas, and after becoming teased by his friends, Nicholas made a decision to replicate Spencer’s strategy on the other individuals.

He later felt bad about it after realizing how it made them feel. In Worries and miracles , he got caught in a snow drift while attempting to deliver a train to Shreveport, LA.

He was later rescued by Lily with the help of some buddies. In Anger control , he, Will , and Momoka hosted Mike’s fury administration session after he broke the billing port on Mr.

Edwards’ computer system. In Pet Sitter , he had been reliable to watch Lily’s dog. After he went missing, Nicholas spent quite a while shopping for him.

He then expanded jealous of the CSX motors and longed to utilize all of them for a big change. Unfortunately, their attitude got the better of him and he had been rude to your others. He was fundamentally delivered to CSX, but only so he could easily get a feel of it. As he worked when you look at the Southeast for a while, he saw exactly how different it is from NS. In Nicholas and the Trouble Sleeping , he didn’t get enough sleep before he previously to go back to exert effort. Dakota later consulted his friend to give Nicholas tips on resting.

After whatever they needed to suffer, he fundamentally consulted using the other people on an idea to escape. Later on when Lilie had been going to eliminate Lily with fuel tankers, Nicholas jumped in the way, getting hit into the surge. Lily and her pals were sad about Nicholas’ supposed death, with regards to ended up three months later he ended up being however live, having already been conserved by Mr. Edwards purchased Nicholas along side Will, Lily, and Josiah for their brand new shortline labeled as Pittsburgh and Highland Valley , where he’s remained since.

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70 miles per hour Nicholas is the primary personality in Rails of Highland Valley. He’s got a best friend named Will. In Pet Sitter, he devised a strategy to kidnap Rocco (puppy) from Highland Valley. In Delay After Day, he tricked the engines into permitting Mr. Edwards stay at a Springhill Suites hotel beside the CSX line, which may make him late for work again as a result of noise. He could be voiced by Houston Rail Productions. Top Speed 78 MPH Lily may be the tritagonist of Rails of Highland Valley. She’s got a travel partner known as Marie and a best friend known as Lilim.

Alongside Larry , he’s known for becoming a troublemaker. One thing that occasionally irritates him occurs when other machines call him “Daliah”. Often, he will get as far as breaking the rules to be successful inside the devious plans. In Appropriate of Method , he and Larry threatened to just take Nicholas to the scrapyard after he overtook them on their range. In Overslept , he dropped asleep at work and crashed into Jordan while taking buses into the scrapyard.

However, it proved to only be a poor dream. Later on he and Larry had been pulling a reduced concern train when they got stopped at a red sign. Cure fantasy teased all of them about it, and after an NS intermodal passed, she overtook all of them! In Dave screws up twice , Dave caused an intentional accident within the yard and later kidnapped Mark and attempted to just take him becoming scrapped, simply to be caught and reported by Dan.

In Red Signal , he and Larry had been pulling a cargo train if they had been stopped at a purple sign, teased by treat Dream, and crashed into by Lilie. Dave normally the leading villain in set you back Revenge , because it ended up being his idea to hijack the Norfolk Southern and annihilate them. Later while chasing all of them, Dave and Larry crashed into Nicky and Dennis in the garden and later was handled by Mr. He later helped with her plan to destroy Mr.

Morrison’s party. He and Larry then had to do DPU duty. In Delay After Day , he tricked the motors into letting Mr. Edwards remain at a Springhill Suites hotel beside the CSX range, which would make him late for work once more due to the noise. He is voiced by Houston Rail Productions. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In do not have a merchant account? Start a Wiki. Dave may be the main antagonist into the Rails of Highland Valley series. Groups :.

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