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Say g eazy


New Music: G-Eazy x French Montana “Say”.New Music: G-Eazy x French Montana “Say” | Rap Radar


The beat alone should justify many remixes. Still though, it doesn’t matter how black colored you imagine you might be as a white guy, you gotta have a lot of nerve to put across the word nigga in Hip Hop culture as an artist. Like imagine him standing right in front of a black group somewhere and putting completely nigga? Whether he said it or the function said it or whatever, its on the tune and its own originating from a white dudes music. People gonna provide a pass cause people dont are a symbol of nothing but its crazy just how white kids toss all over word nigger as children outta hatred then become grownups that use the nigga cause they wanna be down.

Id simply state guy should be mindful cause We do not believe the folks behind the industry an element of the online game are gonna leap up and safeguard guy when some genuine niggas ask guy, whats up with that nigga shit? Again, its on his tune. Im gonna break this down to its most simplest kind. Can it be wise to have anything on record that might be or could possibly be a potential issue as time goes by?

NO, thats perhaps not smart after all. So now you possess some individuals who are swept up in music and rappin and shit and so they begin to genuinely believe that the type they portray on their own as on records is truly just how individuals when you look at the roads see all of them? You’ve got some people that have no kind of real feeling about what words do. Haven’t any real understanding that words are rules that convey messages and comprehending… Smart people are going to be like nah, using your message nigga on record is truly perhaps not the type of thing you need to let go straight down as a white rapper in Hip Hop culture.

Today for those that wanna argue the point? Okay, your eligible for your opinion but you gotta ask yourself, is it actually the point you want to argue for? Im not gonna debate it way too much but again, if the a white rapper and you receive in front of a black market someplace while the folks within the crowd feel some type of method after the word nigga is trashed in your tune? Hey, I warned you currently. Simply saying.

Bdot u and I know that wasnt G-Eazy utilizing the N word. If it had been you wouldnt have posted this track. That was French. And how performs this song turn out from a artist finalized to an important and no person say hold up? Fool stop with this nigga talk? Like how is this great for business? I get it man, this is basically the era of anything goes and no value for the tradition and its particular no guidelines or G codes etc… Im a 80s infant, 90s period nigga and as far as rap from my generation goes the Pac and Big period , you have access to your mind busted for many shit you said on a song.

Instances have actually changed Smh. G-Eazy is the future of rap and killed it with this track. Possibly the nearest white rapper to Eminem… Also, came across a song he had been featured on by Parker Ighile called this really is The united states.

Crazy joint with a different sort of noise. Really not bad. That first verse was dope. But hes like drake. Marty McButthurt over here along with his thick ass head. Certainly one of the best artist to hear. A black guy. Supported by a major label and states anything he desires about white people. Words that come out of their lips. Yeah OK. I simply made a comment fool. You can now go on it individual or look for comparisons to many other rappers.

At the end of your day, as soon as your feelings are taking right out the situation, I just said aloud what an abundance of other individuals im sure were thinking. Irrespective of if he said it or perhaps not? Then as a white rapper you can easily take your very own opportunities outside that site. Its you, i simply made the opinion. As far as Kanye saying shit against white people? We dont know very well what outlines you speaking about however in Hip Hop as a white rapper in the event that you feel comfortable adequate to throw around the word nigga?

Then good luck with that. Nigga Nigga Nigga trinidad style bitch. Like Nigga? Aint G Simple white? Again, this the era of giving everything a pass cowards so that you allow any such thing drop in hiphop culture nevertheless when one thing happens?

Dont say we didnt call it LOL. Anytime white rappers, anytime…. As a black guy having faced racial profiling and it is disgusted whenever even blacks make use of that word, do we not need the ability to feel offended by that term? Understanding where it stemmed from? The hatred and vile usage it was place in framework to spell it out older family unit members? Do I really not need that right? Your current email address won’t be posted. Comments 37 3.

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Say g eazy download.G-Eazy – Good Life Ft Kehlani Mp3 Song install

Oct 23,  · G-Eazy must feel extra lit, “Good Life“Featuring Kehlani lying around. Two rising movie stars in the cut, wearing when it comes to Bay – on xmas believe it or not. has already established a severely humming year, so it only is practical that he’d grab Yung Gerald for the feature on a track as prestigiously named as “Good Life” those two have actually biochemistry right here without doubt, and then we could look at two taking on the whole world one. Dec 26,  · Free Download G Eazy These Things Happen Song Mp3 for Free in hd quality uploaded by G Eazy on and also the most useful tune is G Eazy These Things Happen of size MB duration 2 moments and 28 seconds and bitrate is Kbps mp3 file standard format%(K). Jul 29,  · With French Montana adding their two cents, G-Eazy veers to your dark part over Ty Fyffe’s menacing instrumental. The beat alone should warrant many remixes. Download Eazy’s first These Things Take Place here.

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