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Solid rock ministries kona.Solid Rock Ministries Assembly of Jesus Kailua Kona HI

Solid Rock Ministries Church in Kailua Kona, Hawaii HI Solid Rock Ministries Church is a component associated with the Non-Denominational denomination of churches. It’s found in the town of Kailua Kona, Hawaii at KANALANI STREET. Oct 14,  · Inspire-Equip-Engage. published in Home by Solid Rock East HI on October 14, Loving God, Loving individuals, Loving lifetime! Interested in a phenomenal chapel in Pahoa? We got you covered! We now have great worship, awesome folks, and amazing pastors. Come and join us at sound Rock East Hawaii at .

This simple statement echoes many of our ideas at Monday Church a Disciple countries Alliance website devoted to helping Christians work from a biblical worldview within their work. Sunday early morning isn’t the online game. The video game is played on the area through the week. On Sunday the church collects to give the pastor the mentor the opportunity to provide their group, which will make modifications to the game plan, to organize and inspire the group to return back away from the area.

The chapel that gathers on Sunday is spread all around the community Monday — Saturday playing the game. The overall game happens available on the market while the general public square, in the house and in the neighborhood. The church has even more strive to do Monday — Saturday than on Sunday. Sunday may be the time for the pastor to prepare the chapel for the week ahead, like a coach preparing their staff at half time Ephesians The chapel is not a social club that is present for it self, it’s the human body of Christ to incarnate the phrase of Jesus on the planet.

Mike Metzger has actually used another football example when it comes to church. No huddles and exact techniques tend to be reminiscent of the ancient church. It understood the name associated with the game—loving God and next-door neighbor. Love requires learning to perish to self and seek the flourishing of others, or shalom. This required precise liturgical techniques when you look at the installation , the ekklesia. Corporate standing, kneeling, singing, confessing, and reading counter our individualistic leanings.

It worked. The church begun to win. It expanded. Some assemblies outgrew their space, so they really continued keeping training sessions in houses. House groups had been rehearse sessions , perhaps not huddles. They applied confession and communion and built healthy habits. Print these pages. Email Address. Toggle navigation. About Darrow. What’s Christian Developing? A Call for Balladeers. Subscribe enjoy notifications of brand new posts by e-mail. Search Blog Posts Research. This website is mostly about the power of truth to change culture read more.

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