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Table Of Contents. Quick Hyperlinks Download this handbook. This guide defines installation as well as the utilization of the Printer. Before Utilizing This Software. Before with the printer motorist, make sure to see the “ReadMe”. Table of Contents. Past Webpage. Next Webpage. Sony sound player for adapter for clie handheld 36 pages.

Sony operating instructions sonicstage simple burner 36 pages. The installation destination screen seems. Select the boot disk as location amount and click [Continue]. The installation type screen seems. Click [Install] or [Upgrade]. The Authenticate display appears. If the model name of your UP-CX1 show printer is shown within the listing, the printer can be utilized. The installation when it comes to first printer must have already been completed correctly, as described into the preceding section.

Webpage 8 if you have currently a printer with similar title given that printer become added, replace the name of the existing printer. Shut down all running programs. Webpage Making Webpage options Making Page configurations Before printing from a software, you really need to result in the required web page attribute configurations. Page qualities are the printer to use, the report size, the paper positioning, and scale settings. From the [File] selection when you look at the application, choose Page Setup. Page Making Print Settings Making Print Settings Before printing from a credit card applicatoin, you need to make print options regarding the print sheet.

To create up the printing sheet, access the [File] menu of the application, select [Print], and choose the printer from the [Printers] popup menu. Print configurations are the range copies to printing, the usage digicam correction, color balance settings, lightness, etc. Adjust the colour balance by moving the sliders left or appropriate, or by directly entering values in the edit cardboard boxes. Click the [Restore Defaults] button if you wish to get back all color balance configurations with their default condition.

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Sony up cx1 printer.SONY UP-CX1 SERIES INSTALLATION HANDBOOK Pdf Download | ManualsLib

May 01,  · Download Sony UP-CX1 Series for Windows to printer driver. Join or Sign In. Check in to include and modify your pc software. Continue with Twitter Maintain with email. By joining , Subcategory: Printer Drivers. Feb. 28, UP-CR20L Firmware update module has been introduced. Dec. 01, The following software/data for the UP-DR80 have now been released. – Printer motorist . SONY UP-CX1 Printer Media Kits (Paper and Ink Ribbon Sets) DNP SNAPLAB MEDIA KIT 4X6 2UPCC14 (2UPCC14) DNPMC14 [/20] 4×6 Media Print system for 10L SnapLab Printers, DNP / Fotolusio / Sony 2UPCC14 colors paper & ribbon 4X6 x x 2 sets Price: $

Dining Table Of Contents. Digital Picture Printer. Before running the machine, please check this out handbook. Dining table of Contents. Past Webpage.

Next Webpage. Sony electronic photo printer running instructions up-cr10l pages. Webpage 2 The model and serial figures are observed at the backside. Record these number into the room provided below.

Reference these figures whenever you call upon your Sony All user interface cables used to get in touch peripherals must be dealership regarding this system. Webpage 4: Introduction Controls and Functions Front qualities The UP-CX1 Digital picture Printer is a dye sublimation thermal transfer printer providing high-quality, high quality dpi , and high speed printing of computer system image information on four sizes of paper in color gradations process and Page 5: back Flashing: once the report roll or ribbon cartridge run out Side door open while printing is within progress, the signal begins blinking once you exchange all of them.

For details about the printer link, relate to the guides when it comes to computer or other peripheral products. Otherwise the above mentioned amount of sheets might not be attained. If you place the report roll horizontally, the paper roll may move around and fall. This may cause an accident. Attaching adaptors to paper holder When using the print pack 2UPC-C14 or Paper roll widths differ in accordance with the printing pack. Push the latch in addition to the paper owner and open up the holder. Page 11 take away the label in the heart of the paper roll.

Near the front door. If labels remain in the printer, procedure issues may occur. Printing won’t be carried out correctly, cartridge and it could cause a malfunction to take place. Pull-back the latch regarding the ribbon cartridge to discharge the lock, after which grasp the ribbon cartridge and remove it. Grab the report core through the report roll. Memo If the ink ribbon pauses, you can reconnect it with an item of tape and make use of the residual ribbon.

The amount of printouts which is often built up regarding the About sheets of printouts can be kept about this paper tray. However, the amount of printouts that can be paper tray modifications according to the environment condition built up on the report tray modifications in accordance with the Page Printing From The Computer Send the print data through the computer system towards the printer, Printing from the and begin publishing. For details, make reference to the operating instructions for the pc printer motorist.

Webpage Miscellaneous Sony solution facility or your Sony supplier. Webpage Cleaning eliminate the safety report through the straight back side of the Cleaning cleansing sheet the medial side without an illustration. Try not to confuse the rear and forward edges of washing the within the printer the cleaning sheet.

If stripes, scratches, or any other scars commence to show up on images, washing the within the printer may resolve the situation. Page 18 The adhesive surface associated with cleansing sheet is exposed Note today, so examine again to make sure that nothing of the When washing the printer roller, always put the printer corners have actually peeled up.

Red tConsult a Sony service representative. Webpage Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Before delivering the unit out for servicing, check out the items here. In the event that you however cannot resolve the issue, contact your Sony Authorized Dealer. Page 22 Sony Corporation Print web page 1 Print document 22 pages. Cancel Delete. Check In OR. Do not have a free account?

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