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May 20,  · It is eventually right here! The minute you have all been waiting around for Sunky the Game 2!Download: Sunky Spunky the overall game is a game made by (the legendary) LooneyDude. It stars Sunky, that is supposed to end Robotnik from taking over the whole world. 1 Level purchase Sunky the Game (component 1) Sunky the overall game (Part 2) Sunky the Game (Part 3) 2 History 3 Bugs Sunky the overall game component 1 Movement when there is no walking animation Swim over liquid glitch Sunky the Game part 2 Sunky the overall game Complete Soundtrack by speedycreeper Sunky motor (brand new sprites in action) by SunkyFan DE SUNKY DANCE by MrBob Sunky Engine Improved by MrBob Sunky motor (Level Fun) by Blueblur Sunky: Multiplayer by SunkyFan

Spunky the Game is a casino game created by the popular LooneyDude. It stars Sunky , who’s supposed to end Robotnik from overpowering the entire world. Men and women enjoyed the picture, therefore in place of a fat Sonic, Looney used Sunky alternatively. In the very first launch of Sunky the Game, only Level Fun was playable.

Time later on, another version of the overall game was released, and showcased amount the Green one. Level Moist was also introduced because of this.

Level Factory Land and its particular Act 2 counterpart had been originally planned for Sunky the overall game component 1, but LooneyDude discovered that the video game’s dimensions is too-big, therefore he bumped the amount into part 2. Same matches component 3. This can be a rare bug this is certainly difficult to pull off. Sunky should be walking and you must release the arrow key and rapidly press the key once again. If done correctly, then Sunky will likely not appear to be he is moving, but he’s really moving.

This classic glitch is pulled off when you’re going to complete the stage, but you take the leftmost side of the vertical thin passageway. As your mother prevented the trigger that produces sunky climb up and hit the signpost, sunky will swim freely over liquid. In the swimming condition, sunky can’t collect bands or swim up mountains, as those collisions are not in the cycling object’s occasion record.

If Ignore is opted for, then level will resume without any dilemmas at all. If Abort is selected, then the game will close. The bug can there be accidentally, and on-purpose. Why the bug is on-purpose is because Longitude tried to result in the online game dimensions smaller by deleting the noise, but forgot to remove the coiner to this noise.

When Sunky achieves the escape pod in part 3, occasionally the overall game will not show the cartoon from it flying away for unknown reasons. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Check in don’t possess a free account? Start a Wiki. Sunky Spunky the Game is a-game created by the celebrated LooneyDude.

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