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The predicted tide times now on Wednesday 23 Summer for Castine, Penobscot Bay tend to be: first low wave at am, first high-tide at am, 2nd reasonable tide at pm, second high tide at pm. Sunrise has reached am and sunset has reached pm. The tide chart above shows the level and times of high tide and low tide for Castine, Penobscot Bay, Maine. The red pulsating dot shows the wave time at this time. The grey shading corresponds to nighttime hours between sunset and sunrise at Castine, Penobscot Bay. Castine, Penobscot Bay wave chart secret: The wave chart above shows the level and times during the high tide and low wave for Castine, Penobscot Bay, Maine.

June and July Tide charts for Castine, Penobscot Bay: The tide charts below show the level, some time date of large and reduced tides for the following 30 days. Running on Tide-Forecast.

Lat Longer: Change units. These days’s wave times for Castine, Penobscot Bay, Maine The predicted tide times now on Wednesday 23 Summer for Castine, Penobscot Bay tend to be: very first reduced tide at am, first high tide at am, second reasonable tide at pm, 2nd high tide at pm.

Tide Datum: -. Wind Speed -. Live Tide. Local time:. Tide chart for Castine, Penobscot Bay Showing reasonable and high-tide times for the next thirty days. Print: seven days 30 Days. Print Tide Table. Simply click Tap to grow the day into detailed view, Click Tap any to see the level and time.

Scroll to left Wednesday, 23 Jun. Full-moon. Last One-fourth. New Moon. Initially Quarter. Castine, Penobscot Bay tide times for Summer and July June and July Tide charts for Castine, Penobscot Bay: The tide charts below show the height, time and time of large and reduced tides for the next 30 days.

Moon Set Increase. Wind kph. First Quarter PM. Sunrise: are. Sunset: PM. Moonset: are. Moonrise: PM. Moonrise: AM. Moonset: PM.


Tide chart castine maine.Tide Tables & Charts for Castine (Penobscot River) by

Tide Table Chart. High-tide and low wave forecasts: Castine. Maine: Penobscot Bay. Final minimal Tide: m (ft) Mon 15 Following High Tide: m (ft) Mon 15 Next minimal Tide: m (ft) Mon 15 DISCLAIMER: The tide information derive from astronomical tide forecasts nor take into account the ramifications of powerful winds, rainfall, floods along with other meteorological events. Castine. 1-Day 3-Day 5-Day. Jump up to now. Confirm. Tide Level. Made up of Highcharts sunlight 21 Feb Mon 22 Feb Tue 23 Feb Wed 24 Feb Thu 25 Feb Fri 26 Feb Sat 27 Feb Max Tide Height. 12ft 7ft 2ft. Graph Plots Open in Graphs. 4 rows · The wave chart above reveals the height and times during the high-tide and reduced wave for Castine.

Castine is an important summertime resort 1 mile eastward of Dyce Head Light. There are lots of tablets concerning the city establishing places of historic interest. Suggest an Edit. The city wharf and float landing, only eastward associated with the Academy wharf, has 12 foot reported alongside.

A boatyard is yards northeast associated with city wharf. A lot marine railroad during the garden are designed for craft as much as 45 feet really miss hull or engine fixes or dry available and covered winter season storage; gas, diesel gasoline, liquid, ice, plus some marine supplies are available. Castine Yacht Club, about yards eastward associated with boatyard, has a depth of 8 feet reported alongside its float landing. The rock foundation of a vintage stone pier is involving the shore and also the northeast end associated with yacht club float; treatment must certanly be taken fully to avoid it in coming alongside.

Small craft anchor off the town eastward regarding the float landings, where there are certain moorings, however the most useful anchorage is reported to be in Bartlett Smith Cove, southeastward of Castine Harbor. The cove has depths of 19 to 58 feet, smooth base, and housing are found indeed there in every winds. This cove are registered through the westward through the station between Nautilus Rock, marked by a buoy, and Holbrook Island.

The southwesterly station, between Ram and Holbrook Islands and Cape Rosier, is unmarked and much more tough. Anchorage, secure in most weather, are had in great holding floor in 13 to 37 feet when you look at the westerly 1 / 2 of the cove.

The keeping surface into the station southeastward of Castine isn’t good, therefore the general level is about 72 foot. The river could be the method of the town of Castine, regarding the north side just within the entrance, also to a few smaller settlements further up.

Castine Harbor, at the entry to your lake, has actually ample level and is easily entered. The white stone circular tower of Dyce Head Light, formerly abandoned but now once again in use as an aid to navigation after microbursts destroyed the daymarker, is extremely conspicuous. Craft entering Castine Harbor will discover the eastern shore northward and southward associated with entrance is strong and may be used at a distance of 0.

Pass near to the fairway bell buoy on either side and, keeping a reasonable length overseas and south of the buoy tagging Otter Rock Shoal, steer in to the harbor on a midchannel course. By close awareness of the chart, anchorage can be found in Bartlett Cove planning to yards south of Henry aim, or for little art south of Sheep Island nearby the head associated with cove, using care in order to prevent the charted dangerous rock mentioned below.

The station in the lake for 5 kilometers above Castine Harbor is buoyed and is utilized by small-craft. Nevertheless, during the Narrows the station can be so constricted by rocks in locations where navigation is achievable at slack water only, on account of the current. It is unsafe for strangers above the Narrows. Dangers Henry Point is on the eastern region of the approach to Bartlett Cove. Risks becoming averted in the cove are the middle-ground ledge, awash and marked regarding the east part by a buoy, about 0.

In addition, you’ll find so many unmarked bare and submerged stones along the sides associated with the cove and caution must be exercised. Otter Rock Shoal, awash at low-water and marked by a buoy at its south end, extends 0. Hosmer Ledge, a drying ledge in the south side regarding the channel, expands 0.

A daybeacon is regarding the ledge. Middle Ground, which uncovers 2 feet and is marked on its west end by a buoy, is off the east region of the channel 1. Trott Ledge, which reveals 5 feet and is marked by a buoy, is in the west region of the channel about 1.

a rugged ledge, covered 4 feet and marked by a buoy, is in the west side of the channel 2. When it comes to latest fishing development for Maine, just click here. Maine Maritime Academy will reopen university, keeping in-person courses, starting August local People in the us labeled as this place matchebiguatus, this means destination where there is no safe harbor.

Fishing Food Nature. Castine is one of those Maine towns that is therefore spectacular you may find your… much more. Boating Culture Homes Travel. Speak about being on a roll. The Maine Maritime sailing team, which hardly also made… More. The first twentieth-century yacht designs of Captain Nathanael G. Boating Culture Travel. Boating Travel. Castine, ME. Picture Credits. Oysters, Surprising Protector for the Bagaduce River Native People in the us labeled as this spot matchebiguatus, which means destination where there is absolutely no safe harbor.

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