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Naturally recorded woodpecker distress phone calls and predator cries confuse, frighten, and disorient woodpeckers, pushing all of them to seek a calmer area. Its totally automated and uses real sounds with clear and high-definition playback. The Woodpecker professional is a secure and humane way to protect your property from extensive damage brought on by woodpeckers.

With a range all the way to 1 acre, the species-specific Woodpecker PRO digitally plays real, high-quality woodpecker distress calls to create a sonic risk area. It really is a harmless, humane, and eco-friendly way to avoid property problems for wooden structures. The Woodpecker PRO is a one-time investment that solves current and future bird control requires as you can transform the configurations as much while the circumstance changes.

It comes down with just one presenter but Extension Speakers can certainly be bought to improve range. It is weather-resistant and installs effortlessly with included installation hardware, and our expert staff provide an installation assessment with every order. Plus, it comes with each day satisfaction guarantee to make sure your undesired friends are gone once and for all!

As soon as we installed the Woodpecker professional device, these were gone. My next-door neighbors will also be very grateful since we’d to fix the facing of your houses times per year. Many thanks! Our home is a classic refurbished barn. Gorgeous with a lot of personality and all sorts of timber. Additionally, it is the highest building around. The woodpeckers invaded about three years back and return every wintertime.

They enjoyed the barn! Every winter there are more. I home based so I notice the faucet tap tapping constantly the whole day plus it was operating myself crazy until finally We noticed fluffy material flying past my workplace screen. The woodpeckers had taken the insulation and vapor barrier out of our walls. There were destroying our home. We found five holes drilled all the way through your house with nests started in.

We erroneously left it turned off last week while I was dangling xmas lights and the overnight, these people were straight back.

When I turned it right back on, three woodpeckers flew away from the vicinity of the house. I will be therefore thankful for the item and strongly recommend it! The wild birds will keep finding its way back to see if the noise is gone.

Woodpecker PRO. I purchased your product or service to regulate woodpeckers within the Bernardino Mountains a few months ago. It surely worked! Today we must repair the destruction of many years of neglect. Deter woodpeckers without any traps or chemical substances Customizable time periods, volume control, and noise selection Covers up to at least one acre of land Includes installation consultation thirty day Electronics Performance Satisfaction Guarantee.

International current solutions upon demand. Benefits Applications Specs Why Sonic? Previous Next. Weatherproof design allows for used in any outdoor location, deterring woodpeckers and sparrows.

Protect structures and equipment from corrosive bird droppings Reduce health insurance and responsibility risks preserve property aesthetics No need for harsh chemical compounds on woods, lawn, and wildlife Installs effortless; no extra hardware required Fully programmable sound, amount, and time options Can be used with cell and electric battery Can purchase additional presenter for wider coverage.

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Woodpecker stress predator call.Woodpecker PRO | Sonic Woodpecker Bird Control | Bird-X

It really is a loud high pitched woodpecker distress telephone call. A number of our clients state this can be call to purchase should you want to shoot bobcats in big numbers. Interestingly enough, this is basically the only telephone call any of the field staff have called in bocats with here in Iowa. “Woody” may also make great bird stress noises and high pitched small animal distress squeals making it a lot more versatile. Apr 13,  · Predator Hunting Call – Distressed Woodpecker, this works on several predators, this isnt ideal telephone call, rabbit in stress is just about the number 1 telephone call. Description. Dan Thompson Bird Distress – Woodpecker. Touted by expert hunters all over the world since the absolute best bird distress turn to the earth. Custom bird distress vocals with lumber human anatomy. Hand tuned. Deadly on Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Bears, Wolf, Mt Lion. ×.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your internet browser. You really must have JavaScript allowed in your internet browser to work with the functionality with this web site. We offer permanent guarantees on our structural bird products like bird net, bird surge and more. Check out the product pages to get more details. Use a CD, news player or similar audio system.

Position speakers at estimated level of – but far from assault location. Camouflage speakers using lumber siding, tree bark or artistic unit.

LOUD sounds typically distort avian auditory reception. Test at low volume and adjust as essential. All scare products work best when used in combo with each other while they boost the birds concern and flight response to the sensed predator threat.

Check what to enhance the cart or pick all. Birdbusters is a proponent of environmentally-friendly and humane bird control products. We work closely because of the Humane Society of the usa as well as The Fund for pets along with other animal-rights companies to market humane bird control products, as opposed to poisons and razor-sharp bird control surges.

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