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Extensively thought to be the most important wrestlers of all time, Mysterio is credited for popularizing cruiserweight wrestling. The nephew of Rey Misterio Sr. He was trained by their uncle Rey Misterio Sr. Mysterio’s uncle Misterio Sr. In July at Bash in the seashore , he defeated longtime rival Psicosis in a number one contender’s match to make another possibility at the Cruiserweight name.

Mysterio then became associated with a feud along with his real-life friend and Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero. He defeated Guerrero in a Title vs. Mask match at Halloween Havoc to win the Cruiserweight Championship for the second time. They had a rematch at World War 3 , which Mysterio additionally lost.

This storyline ended up being used to pay for Mysterio’s dependence on a knee procedure that kept him from the band for 6 months. He made their return at Bash in the Beach , where he defeated Jericho for his fourth Cruiserweight tournament. Mysterio moved up against Kidman for the name at Starrcade but had been unsuccessful winning right back the name in a triangle match that also involved Juventud. Kidman once again defeated Mysterio for the name at Souled Out in a fatal four-way match that also included Psicosis and Juventud.

In , following the two factions of nWo reformed, they demanded that the LWO disband. Mysterio declined to take-off their LWO colors and ended up being assaulted because of the nWo because of this. Following the match, he phoned his uncle to share with him the headlines. Mysterio has actually publicly expressed his disappointment over becoming unmasked:. I happened to be strongly against it! I don’t think WCW understood just what the mask designed to myself, to my fans and also to my loved ones. It was a very bad move ahead their particular part. The fans desired Rey Mysterio because of the mask and dropping it hurt myself a whole lot.

It absolutely was also irritating that it don’t come given that orgasm to a feud with another masked wrestler, but in a throwaway match. The same happened to Juventud and Psicosis and mentally smart it was a negative move by Eric Bischoff.

I think the followers realize that I was in a situation where I experienced no option. I both needed to drop my mask or lose my job. Although he took part in several significant suits with a few regarding the heavyweight top card wrestlers, it had been made specific to him that he would not receive a push to become a primary eventer. This is due to Eric Bischoff utilizing cruiserweights as alternative, mid-card entertainment in contrast to the greater amount of mainstream design that led WCW programming.

El Dandy was the lottery winner, but he had been injured, and Mysterio took the chance rather. The match ended with a disqualification win for Flair, despite the fact that Arn Anderson ‘s disturbance on Flair’s part should have theoretically disqualified Flair. Mysterio successfully defended his Cruiserweight Championship against his label group partner Kidman at Spring Stampede [36] before losing the name regarding the April 19 bout of Nitro to Psicosis in a Fatal Four-Way match that also involved Juventud Guerrera and Blitzkrieg.

The three wrestlers soon started a feud using the Dead Pool. Mysterio returned at the beginning of and remained a stable performer, eventually joining the New Blood faction in early opposing the Millionaire’s Club. He made his first ever Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre appearance, debuting in an eight-man tag team match.

The “Jr. Mysterio premiered with WWE putting on his mask once more. Once they did not win the title, Mysterio and Edge defeated Los Guerreros in a number one contender’s match regarding the October 24 episode of SmackDown! From the March 6, , bout of SmackDown! Mysterio lost whenever Dudley pinned Guerrero to hold. During this time period Mysterio had a video camera, which was called the ” cam”, during his entry he taped people in the audience with this particular.

In a departure from traditional reservation , the latest champions failed to guard their title at WrestleMania 21 , but alternatively had a match against each other which Mysterio won. Then after a no disqualification match against Chavo, Eddie arrived and slammed Mysterio from the steel tips, showing Eddie’s increasing frustration with becoming unable to defeat Mysterio.

Guerrero and Mysterio proceeded to feud, with Guerrero threatening to show a secret he and Mysterio shared concerning Mysterio’s actuality son Dominik , unless Mysterio deferred to Guerrero’s expert.

Guerrero later on revealed that, when you look at the storyline, he was Dominik’s biological dad. The storyline moved that Guerrero understood Mysterio had been having difficulty beginning his very own family, therefore Guerrero left Dominik as an infant with Mysterio along with his wife Angie to increase.

In subsequent months, Guerrero threatened to simply take custody of Dominik, drawing up custody papers and achieving his lawyer present them to Mysterio. Their feud finished whenever Guerrero gained a victory over Mysterio in a steel cage match in the September 9 episode of SmackDown! Mysterio went on to beat Shawn Michaels in an interpromotional match later that night. After the match, Michaels and Mysterio hugged in the ring and Mysterio pointed as much as the sky, crying, in memory of Guerrero.

Goliath ” in a SmackDown! On the December 30 bout of SmackDown! The following few days, Mysterio and Batista received their rematch for the titles in a steel cage match, which they lost after much more interference by Henry. On the January 13, , bout of SmackDown! Mysterio was the next entrant when you look at the Royal Rumble match. He won the match and received a world title shot, last eliminating Randy Orton. He lasted 62 moments, a Royal Rumble record. Numerous fans thought the reviews were unwarranted and distasteful in the wake of Guerrero’s death in November From the following bout of SmackDown!

The rivalry banged down after JBL, celebrating his U. Championship win, claimed he deserved the World Heavyweight name. Mysterio then retained their subject in a match against Mark Henry, winning by disqualification after Chavo Guerrero handed Henry a chair and Mysterio acted as though he had been hit, a tactic for which Eddie Guerrero had been understood. Mysterio began a feud with King Booker after Booker won a battle royal in order to become the number one contender when it comes to World Heavyweight Championship.

Guerrero expense Mysterio his rematch the next week. This culminated in a match at SummerSlam where Mysterio destroyed to Guerrero after Vickie Guerrero attempted to stop both guys from battling, but inadvertently knocked Mysterio from the top turnbuckle. Vickie then along with Chavo fired up Mysterio after she hit him when you look at the back with a steel chair and gave him a personal injury, therefore, siding with Guerrero. Mysterio made his in-ring return at SummerSlam on August 26, , beating Guerrero, after Guerrero obsessed over Mysterio’s return along with wanting to injure Mysterio again.

The match had been later made a Triple Threat match, also concerning Batista, who won it. Mysterio then started a feud with Finlay, an opponent chosen by JBL.

Flight”, contrasting the battling varieties of both wrestlers — Finlay’s physicality, versus the high-flying Mysterio. The second few days, Mysterio made his return to Raw after a protracted absence by assaulting Kane, switching back many statements that Kane had “ended his profession”. He defeated Kane once again at Cyber Sunday , this time around in a No Holds Barred match, and again at Survivor Series , whenever set had been on opposing sides in a five-on-five eradication match.

Mysterio took part in the Royal Rumble match, entering initially and spending 49 minutes and 24 moments in the match, before being eradicated by Big Show. The next night on Raw , he qualified when it comes to Elimination Chamber match when it comes to World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out , but ended up being eliminated by Edge when the two had been the past males into the Chamber match. At Extreme Rules , Jericho were able to unmask Mysterio and pin him when it comes to Intercontinental Championship; while Mysterio were able to protect their face after being unmasked, Jericho took the chance to roll him up and win the name.

As a result, Mysterio and Jericho had been booked in a Title vs. Mask match during the Bash , by which Mysterio appeared through the recommended match victorious after tricking Jericho with an extra mask. They neglected to win the brands, as Mysterio was punched and pinned by Big Show. Throughout the match, Mysterio separated Batista’s pin on Undertaker costing him the match together with name.

After the match, Batista attacked Mysterio, closing their particular alliance. In the tournament, he defeated his former rival Chris Jericho in the quickest time, and prevented Batista from beating it by interfering inside the match. This led to a number one contender’s match between your duo the next week, which also finished in a no contest following disturbance through the Undertaker. Throughout the on-screen special event of Mysterio’s child’s ninth birthday celebration, Punk interrupted, taunting Mysterio and challenging him to a match at WrestleMania XXVI , which Mysterio later accepted.

Nonetheless Mysterio defeated Punk at WrestleMania. Five times later on SmackDown , Punk challenged Mysterio to another match at Extreme Rules , aided by the stipulation that when Mysterio won, Punk might have his head shaved. At Extreme Rules, Mysterio destroyed to Punk.

Mysterio defeated Punk, resulting in Punk’s mind being shaved. The Undertaker suffered a legitimate injury throughout the match, and a storyline was introduced to spell out his lack on tv, stating he’d been present in a vegetative state by their cousin Kane. Kane, who had obtained the SmackDown Money in the Bank ladder match earlier that night, cashed in for a title chance and quickly defeated Mysterio to win the whole world Heavyweight Championship after it had appeared that he had been conserving Mysterio from Swagger’s assault.

Kane later blamed Mysterio for The Undertaker’s fictional accidents. In the July 23 episode of SmackDown , Mysterio defeated Swagger in a two out of three falls match to stay the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, making a title match against Kane at SummerSlam. Kane defeated Mysterio at SummerSlam with a seemingly commemorative Tombstone Piledriver, nevertheless the Undertaker returned to exonerate Mysterio and blame Kane.

Del Rio, nonetheless, carried on their assault after the match, sidelining Mysterio for a month, for which time Del Rio would taunt him. His feud with Del Rio culminated from the January 7, , bout of SmackDown in a two out of three falls match, which Del Rio won by countout. During the match, he smashed Rhodes’ nostrils as he struck Rhodes with a with their exposed knee brace, thus triggering a feud.

At Elimination Chamber, he caused it to be to the last two but was eliminated by Edge. After the match, Mysterio had been assaulted by R-Truth , [] which resulted in a match involving the two at on the Limit , which R-Truth won. On April 26, , WWE stated that Mysterio was suspended for 60 days because of his second violation of this business’s skill Wellness Program plan and therefore their suspension would expire on Summer After eight months, Mysterio returned at a WWE live event on October 17, , and gone back to tv included in the Spanish discourse team at Hell in a Cell.

During his hiatus, it absolutely was stated that Mysterio desired to keep WWE, however the promotion had extended his agreement without his approval. Mysterio, seeing that anything had been incorrect because of Perro becoming limp, purposely missed.


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Seth Rollins vs. Vince and co. If Finn goes Demon this Sunday, just what do you consider his likelihood of winning are? Will they hold him undefeated thus getting this new champ or will they deliver him to Suplex City and supply him to Lesnar alternatively? There is absolutely no copyright infringement meant. Finn Balor versus. I bought a Wacom pen tablet 2-3 weeks ago. Definitely beginner-level now but ideally i will fast-track the training bend and develop better styles overall.

Bear with me when I take to my shit here lol. With their roles reversed Miz as a babyface , it might be interesting to see how they are doing their magic together. The Rock Cold evaluations. Becky The Man. You requested for it, and now you have it. Becky Lynch wallpaper. Nevertheless, no one can argue that Becky Lynch has the wrestling world buzzing along with her Stone Cold Steve Austin-esque minute, complete with a bloodied face that made the RAW ending section much more intense and iconic.

Both of these have made their rivalry therefore interesting that there was clearly no doubt because of the end for the night that The Baddest girl on the Planet versus. The guy should main occasion Survivor Series this Sunday. Sucks I understand but consider the brighter side: Becky vs. Ronda could and hell it should take place at WrestleMania 35 alternatively. With Charlotte unexpectedly dealing with Ronda as opposed to Becky this Sunday, it seems like WWE made their particular option now by delaying that much anticipated match until the following year.

SD matchup of these two, but how about this: put them games on the line for a big change. This will additionally undo the Crown Jewel Universal Championship crapfest if they choose this route. I understand it has zero potential for occurring but one can only expect a principal occasion that includes something up for holds, right?

As painfully obvious because it was, it had been certainly just a matter of minutes before he switched heel.. The Soulless Lunatic vs. The Architect. SmackDown Live is where its at! Ronda Rousey wallpaper. Published on February 4th, at pm by Mr. Latest WrestlingNewsSource. Royal Rumble Finn Balor vs. Published on January 21st, at pm by Mr. Posted on January first, at pm by Mr. Posted on December 14th, at pm by Mr. Posted on December 2nd, at pm by Mr. Ronda Rousey versus.

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